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Face Massages & Adding Them To Your Routine

Face Massages & Adding Them To Your Routine

Self-care is now more important than ever and not just because it’s a trend. As the days are shortening and the sun sets earlier, there are fewer opportunities to spend time outside. When we are deprived of vitamin D, our mental well-being suffers which can reflect in our faces. If your skin is dull and lacks the usual glow, fatigue and low moods are the likely outcomes. Before you fall victim to weather changes, you should try incorporating self-care into your routine. Meet your saviour: face massages.

Face massages are relaxing, and of course, come with many beauty benefits. Here’s why face massages should become a part of your regime:

Relieves tension

Have you ever wondered why we tend to put a lot of work into toning our bodies and fail to pay this kind of attention to our faces? It seems that taking care of your facial muscles might be more important than trying to get rid of cellulite. When you’re stressed, your muscles tighten and expedite wrinkles. A good face massage aims to help you release this tension which smoothes fine lines and brings back the glow to your skin. 

Improves skin elasticity

Yes, face massages aren’t just about gentle circular motions that relieve tension. The second most important aspect of face massages is strengthening your face muscles which can help prevent your skin from sagging. As we age, our muscles become weaker which manifests itself as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. 

Stimulates blood flow

Improving blood circulation in your face can detoxify your skin and help you get rid of imperfections such as acne, dark undereye circles, puffiness and dullness. 


The autumn and winter months are full of cosiness and moments spent with loved ones. But to fully appreciate them, you have to take care of your mental health first. Massaging your face can help you feel more productive and grounded in the present. It’s the best way to reduce stress after a long stressful day. 

How To Do a Facial Massage 

The first step is to wash your hands and apply oil to your face to prevent stretching the skin. A massage typically starts from draining the toxins in the neck and behind the ears; use circular movements to promote blood flow, then move onto the face area. Many people focus on relaxing the muscles in their forehead and between the eyebrows first.

The simplest way to do it is by massaging the area with your two middle fingers. You can also apply the same technique to the corners of your eyes but remember to be extra gentle. To reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds, firstly use pressure to alleviate tension (you can even press firmly as if you wanted to even out the skin), then place your palm on one of the folds and gently move it upward, almost reaching the corner of your eye. You can either create your own face massages or look up beauty gurus online and try out some of their techniques. 

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Top Face Massages To Try

Yukuko Tanaka’s contouring massage is ideal if you want to smoothen your wrinkles and remove some of the excess fat from your face. It might seem like a lot if you’re doing it for the first time so try two or three exercises first.  

If there are any imperfections that bother you, it’s a good idea to find a massage that deals with this specific problem. For example, Azjatycki Cukier is a beauty blogger inspired by East Asian culture. Her massage focuses on reducing nasal folds with a few simple exercises that can benefit your whole face. 

Abigail James’ massage combines it all: lifting, wrinkles reduction and anti-ageing. As the video contains no talking, you can easily follow it while watching a tv show and feel instantly relaxed. 

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