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Knee-High Boots We All Need This Season

Knee-High Boots We All Need This Season

Knee-high boots have been on everyone’s mind for the last year and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Influencers love them and have been styling them in lots of different and interesting ways. Not only are they extremely stylish in black, but designers have been bringing them out in all different colours. Perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. Although they are simply shoes, they have the incredible superpower of making any outfit look beyond chic. With that in mind, here is your go-to guide for all of your knee-high boot needs.

Classic and Chic

Pairing a simple design with a classic yet extremely chic mid-block heel, the “Dune Ladies TITAIN Stretch Cleated Knee High Block Heel Boots” are perfect for anyone and any occasion.

These boots are a great example of revived 90s style when worn with any outfit. The sleek and simple design of these boots makes them the perfect mix of trendy, stylish, edgy and sophisticated. Knee-high boots are a simple and easy way to add depth to any outfit. There are many different versions of knee-high boots around at the moment, and these Dune boots are the ideal blend of classic and chic.

Beguiling Beige

Although black boots are widely considered the best shade for any outfit, beige is just as versatile and amazing. One of the benefits of beige is that it is softer than black which makes it a worthy substitute for everyday wear. An example of a great, and also budget-friendly pair of beige knee-high boots is currently on ASOS, the “London Rebel Knee High Sock Boots in Beige”.

Neutral tones are exquisite and different if you want to move away from the classic black options but still want your boots to be easy to style with any look.

Platform Power

Alongside knee-high boots, chunky platform shoes have been all-the-rage, and what could be better than merging these two shoe trends? The platform makes heeled boots much easier to walk in, ensuring that you can wear them all day without putting your feet in lots of pain. The Urban Outfitters Black Lea Knee High Platform Boots are stunning and an ideal option for anyone who loves a heel, but still wants to be able to walk around in comfort.

Styling Strategies

These are only a few of the many different types of knee-high boots. There is a style and a colour for everyone and every occasion. Once you have found the perfect boots which match your personal style, the next step is to create an outfit with them in mind.

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A great choice is to go for a skirt. Shorter skirts will allow you to show off your boots in all of their glory. Pair them with black tights and you have a simple outfit that is extremely chic. This look also allows you to fulfil your 90s trend dreams, as you would fit right into your favourite 90s TV show with a look like this. Another option is to wear them with a dress.

If you opt for the platform style of boots, they look great with every dress, helping to add an edge and depth to your outfit. Whether it be a mini, midi or a maxi dress, try wearing it with your favourite new knee-high boots. These boots are so stylish that you could even wear them with jeans, instantly adding that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your outfit.

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Whatever style you prefer, hop on the knee-high boots trend and you will be the most stylish person in the room.

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