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The Fendi Peekaboo Might Be Better Than Lady Dior

The Fendi Peekaboo Might Be Better Than Lady Dior

In the world of fashion, some designs transcend through time. One of those items that you may agree with is the Lady Dior bag by House Dior. It’s iconic to the fashion house and has been worn for decades. The bag represents class, inclusivity and style. But occasionally, a new challenger joins the ranks of the best bag of all time. I might have just unlocked the new challenger. It’s the Fendi Peekaboo bag.

Now, first things first. This bag has yet to be worn in public with the star power that the Lady Dior bag has. But that doesn’t matter. These are different times, people. Learn to move with them. For a bag to truly encapsulate, it must have a distinctive yet sleek design, yet modern but timeless. That is hard to achieve, but Fendi has done it.

If you look at the Peekaboo bag, the first nod to iconic status is the colour – black. Black goes with everything. Fashion 101. Unless you’re wearing socks, white is the better alternative. The bag is large enough to carry staples and perform errands but not too large to get in the way of daily habits.

A collage of images that show the Fendi peekaboo bag.
© Fendi/Carlo Scarpato

Secondly, the safety and security measures on this bag are a winner. The Fendi peekaboo features a twist-lock construction perfect for negating pick-pocketers and holding valuable items. It has one handle that reduces the business of bags that we’re currently used to, roping in the sleek design mentioned above.

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Thirdly, anyone could wear this bag. From young teenage girls to your Grandparents, it is a timeless bag in the making. Teenagers are impressionable, so if something is trendy, they’ll be all over it. Our Grandparents have been alive long enough to recognise good quality and usually won’t risk their money for crap quality. It is universally age-appropriate. Check out the Peekaboo for yourself now.

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