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Predictions For 2022 Spring Summer To Try From TikTok

Predictions For 2022 Spring Summer To Try From TikTok

Whether you love TikTok or see it as a waste of time, you can’t deny that no one sets trends like its creators. As we’re in the middle of spring and soon approaching summer, let’s talk about makeup and fashion styles that are likely to be popular this season. The list is lengthy, but I am going to go through my favourite predictions that I want to try.

Simpler eyeliner

If you’ve ever tried to recreate the perfect cat eye, you know that execution is what can break or make your look. According to TikTok, 2022 is all about making things easier for yourself (God knows we deserve it). In other words, the vibe is to go for simpler, but still stunning makeup. One of the popular creators, Steph Hui predicts that this is the year for a double winged eyeliner. The double winged liner shoul emphasizes your eyes enough to be a good option for a date. But it also shouldn’t require too much skill to master. Fear not, because if you want something subtler, Rachel Rigler believes in a kitten eye trend. The kitten eye has already gained popularity (last year) and it’s clearly here to stay! It looks as cute as it sounds so make sure to give it a go – I definitely will.

Fringe outfits

One of the greatest spring/summer fashion predictions is the fringe clothing trend. Again, it’s been with us for a while and mainly served as a nice addition that elevated a few key outfits. But this year, the trend shifts towards being bolder with more fringe. According to Louisa, the hottest set is likely to be a fringe covered crop cami top and a mini body-con skirt. The looks needs to embody coming straight out of Coachella and will help you rock any type of party. The flattering design can also mask extra kilograms or distract from a small chest if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve. It’s certainly a nice bonus but hey, wear whatever you feel good in.

Cargo mini skirts

A lot of TikTokers agree that cargo mini skirts seem to be back in everyone’s graces. An unexpected blast from the past, they’re a 90s trend! Mini skirts allow you to show off your legs when the weather finally gets warmer. The design can nicely emphasize all your other curves too which is why I’m quite obsessed with it. And if going short isn’t your style, you can always settle for cargo midi skirts. Don’t worry, you’re not scrimping on style here because midi skirts have been worn by Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Even if you aren’t a fan of grunge, the cargo material is a nice touch and goes well with all types of shoes.

Silky gloves

Here’s another fashion trend that’s doing rounds on TikTok and which everyone thinks is going to dominate the industry this year. The so-called opera gloves. If you’ve watched Bridgerton, I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you one bit. Maybe you’ve been hoping of getting a pair for yourself before it became a thing (I sure have). These over the elbow accessories can complete any elegant look – I mean, the material and the design are just gorgeous. You can also make the outfit stand out by wearing them with a ring or bracelets.

A pop of color

As seen on Aïcha Dramé’s page, spring-summer fashion is likely to be all about colours. I’m especially excited about this one as I feel like we all need a bit more positivity in our lives right now. One of the best way to summon it, is by expressing it with clothes. This upcoming season might look like a bright orange crop top and skirt set or bold coloured leather shoes. Black and bolder colours are also on the list of predictions this year. If you don’t feel good in brighter tones, don’t worry. You can wear your usual outfit and combine it with a colorful accessory.  

Do you have any predictions for the spring-summer season? Let me know in the comments!

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