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What Are Trends, And How Does The Cycle Work?

What Are Trends, And How Does The Cycle Work?

Depending on the decade, year, or even month, we vigorously hear the word  “trendy”. But what does it really mean to cycle trends? 

There is a consistent journey through time in which different popular styles, or “trends” pass. In our current climate of social media, specifically influencers, many trends seemingly appear overnight. One morning we wake up and as if by magic, clothes which we believed to be the epitome of outdated are suddenly the biggest new trend

The fact is that trends appear, to many of us, almost elusive. Clothes having the status of “trendy” immediately signifies the truth which holds with many of these styles. That they will eventually become unfashionable. As a result of this, countless people decide that it is better to steer clear of anything “trendy”, at the risk of suddenly becoming passé. Although the trend cycle may, at first glance, seem vicious and impossible to master, that is not the truth. As the name suggests, trends are “cyclical”, and reoccur. Hence why you may, all of a sudden, begin to love certain elements of vintage clothing and style.  

Y2K Come-back 

We have all noticed the recent surge in Y2K fashion. Whether it be on your favourite influencer’s social media or the runway, 2000s fashion trends are back. The tell-tale 2000s staples have, in the last few years had a surge and seem to be here to stay. Everyone has chosen to jump on this trend. Styles such as low-rise jeans, tube tops, and anything with cut-out or lace-up details are everywhere. No matter where you go, as a result of the trend cycle you should expect to see glimpses of the 2000s fashion.  

This is a perfect example of how rapid the trend cycle can be. Think back to 2015,  when high waisted jeans were in and even the thought of low-rise anything made us all cringe. Here we are in 2022 absolutely loving them! 

Trend Collaboration 

Another aspect of the trend cycle is the opportunity that it creates for trend collaboration. The cyclical nature ensures that various trends come back into fashion. Due to this, trends from different eras can become stylish at the same time.  

One example of this that we are currently seeing is the collaboration of mini dresses and opera gloves. The Y2K mini dress style has been paired with elbow-length opera-style gloves. This collaboration of two trends from different eras has created a new trend by fusing the two. This trend specifically is an extreme version of combined looks from different eras. The 2000s have been united with opera gloves, a popular style from the previous century. 

The trend cycle is an interesting fashion phenomenon that shapes the industry. We continuously experience the effects of this cycle upon the collections of designers. The cycle also feeds into the vintage industry. As trends resurface, this becomes the perfect opportunity to shop for vintage and pre-loved clothing. Although trends may come back in a  slightly altered version, you can find some amazing pieces which are perfectly stylish in charity shops or vintage sales. 

The fashion industry is a melting pot of creativity. The trend cycle provides the space for designers to find new ways of styling or re-imagining previous trends. The nature of the cycle is unpredictable. Although a trend may come back, there is no guarantee about how long it will be popular. As a result of this, designers continually alter and re-create styles in order to remain relevant. Therefore, the cycle is a never-ending system in which fashionable styles come, go, and return to the much-beloved status of “trendy”.

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