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The LaMedusa Bucket Bag Was The Best

The LaMedusa Bucket Bag Was The Best

When it comes to luxury fashion and brands that empower women with their garments, Versace is one that comes to mind. Since the 1990s, the House of Versace has been dressing the biggest stars the globe has seen. But with the bar being set so high, it’s often difficult to continue to ride the wave of success. A creative director needs to find passion consistently and put this through a collection for the world to dissect. One of those items that we’re going to dissect today is the LaMedusa bucket bag.

We first saw this bucket bag on the spring-summer 2022 runway on top model Gigi Hadid. When reviewing a fashion show, the bags are often left out of the picture because they’re negligent accessories. Most collections are made up of focusing attention on the clothing as opposed to jewellery and eyewear, for example.

Now that the campaign for the LaMedusa bag has landed, we get a closer look at the accessory piece. As fashion publishers, we’re breaking a lot of rules by admitting that most luxury bags are marked up due to the branding. But this is true. The reason real fashion lovers purchase luxury items, outside of the branding is for the aesthetics. When you shop with luxury designers, you get up close and personal with creativity. It’s art. When you see a painting and you wonder how much it costs, that part is subjective. The price is dependent on awhile host of things. Luxury items are sometimes on the same level. Moreso, when you shop with niche brands.

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LaMedusa campaign

The campaign stars Emily Ratajkowski holding the bag with the golden chain. It’s a great bag for the spring and summer seasons. Comparatively, if you did want to switch up your autumn wardrobe, you could opt for the bag too.

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