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Old Fashion Trends Are Making A Come Back!

Old Fashion Trends Are Making A Come Back!

Over the years, fashion has constantly evolved with every new innovation created by designers. However, innovation can only take us so far with the same creatives, which leads to trends. Trends are specific pieces and designs that make a comeback from past eras every 20 to 30 years. High end designers often use history and vintage clothing as inspiration when creating new collections. This phenomenon is then repeated in high street fashion.

Despite personal thoughts, vintage clothing is on the rise again as more people are becoming aware of the importance of recycling. No matter how old a piece is, in order to reduce pollution, we are willing to continue recycling old clothes. Recycling these clothes has resulted in an increase in vintage fashions and old resurfaced trends. Some pieces never go out of style, but the varying designs or alterations change over years. For example, your basic jean or shirt.

Another reason why trends continue to come back is due to brands recycling past designs. Fashion companies sell consumers products previously archived, but market it as something new. As newer generations haven’t experienced the sensation that came with the trend, they eat it up. It is another form of profit maximisation.

Similarly, children often go through their parents’ wardrobes or look to them for style inspiration. These items are used as a starting point for self-discovery through fashion, allowing some pieces to gain popularity. Here are some resurfaced trends we are liking at the moment:

The Thong

Recently, the thong has made a comeback with brands like Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and Versace. Each have used thongs in their most recent collections. During the late 90s and early 2000s, the exposed thong trend became a huge hit. Girls would wear low rise jeans or trousers and high rise thongs so one could be able to see the top and sides of it peeking out. Most importantly, celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry were donning such looks on red carpet events in the 2000. These looks ended up on popular tabloids and further popularised the trend.

Flared Trousers

High street fashion has seen a resurgence of flared trousers and jeans, which are very reminiscent of the 70s bell bottom trend. These have been seen on both streetwear through thrifting, to catwalk shows by designers such as Celine and JW Anderson. The iconic trousers in the past were seen to be paired with platform boots and bell sleeve tops which became the silhouette for the 70s. Stars such as Farrah Fawcett, ABBA, and Cher are known for flaunting this style.


Corsets have come back in style as more corset style clothing has been modified to fit modern lifestyles. The corset dates back to as far as the 16th century to define an hourglass body type for women. The corset has been in and out of style for decades and a notable era they trended in was the where punks, as a sign of rebellion, would wear them over garments. Designers who are notable for the revival of the corset are Vivienne Westwood and John Paul Gaultier.

The new ways of wearing and styling the corset eventually trickled down to more mainstream fashion, and in early 2000s celebrities would start to wear them as a symbol of female empowerment. In more recent years, rather than functionality, it has been used and seen for more aesthetic purposes in clothing instead. Many designers created their own take on the corset and they became more loosely fitted and elasticated to allow more movement.

Mini Shoulder Bags

The mini shoulder bag was a staple in every girl’s wardrobes back in the 90s and now it has made a comeback. Whether it be a casual daytime look to an evening special occasion, the mini shoulder bag has your back with any outfit. The Prada Cleo bag went viral and restarted the resurgence of mini shoulder bags. Now, the bag has come in different colours, patterns, and sizes, from glitzy sequins and patent leather looks to bright block colours and snake print.

Small Framed Glasses

Many styles of eyewear constantly come in and out every year as different shapes and sizes often represent different decades. The most recent trending eyewear has to be the small framed glasses. This gained popularity as celebrities such as the Jenner’s and Hadid’s wore them on red carpets and on the street. The small framed glasses date back to the 90s and were first made popular from the movie franchise ‘The Matrix’.

Small shades made a comeback in 2017 after Stella McCartney used them in her brands ad campaigns. Not to mention, fashion designer Adam Selman had a collaboration with eyewear brand Le Specs which helped perpetuate the trend. In recent times, the trend has trickled down onto the high street. With that, came numerous styles such as the cat eye, round and retro and block coloured lenses.

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