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TV Shows That Set Beauty & Fashion Trends

TV Shows That Set Beauty & Fashion Trends

TV series’ are one of the biggest sources of fashion inspiration. Some shows surprise us with bold makeup choices, whilst others set outfit trends that stay with us long after the final season. 

Take a look at some of the tv shows with memorable fashion and beauty moments:


Ah, Skins. The show brings memories of our teenage years and the mistakes we wish we hadn’t repeated in early adulthood. Retrospectively, the outfits worn by the characters weren’t something we would necessarily want to make popular again but the makeup deserves mention. You guessed right, I’m talking about Effy’s iconic eye makeup. We all wanted to be Effy in one way or another. Partly because her sense of style was both mysterious and bold. Remember the ripped jeans?

And don’t get me started on the smudged eyeshadows – you could say it was her hallmark and went with her personality pretty well. While neat smoky eyes are pretty great, making them messy gives them an edge. Well, at least you won’t have to worry about looking bad if you get caught up in the rain. 

Gossip Girl

Some parts of Gossip Girl can seem cringy now but there are very few beauty looks that need a reboot (I’m looking at you, Gossip Girl 2021). Back in the day, Gossip Girl was dictating trends with every new episode – from sparkly jackets to flowery dresses.

Does anyone still remember the lacy grey gown Serena wore in season 4? One of the most memorable accessories were headbands that looked both cute and classy. They’re still not out of fashion today. Of course, you wouldn’t expect less from Blair Waldorf, the ultimate fashionista. 


Euphoria is a recent HBO’s show that features troubled teenagers and a whole lot of aesthetics.

Rue from the HBO tv show Euphoria.

While the plot is pretty dark, I can’t get enough of the eye makeups full of glitter and colours. One of the most beloved trends these days is applying stickers around your eyes. Do it to complete a party look or simply add a bit of glow to everyday makeup – search for Maddy’s iconic makeups. My prediction is that the looks will be a hit this Halloween, especially the nun makeup seen on Kat and Rue’s glitter tears.

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Emily in Paris

If you’ve heard of Emily in Paris, chances are you either love the tv show or hate it. In the light of how the French were portrayed in the show, fashion is the best part of it. The clothes worn by Emily tend to be colourful and bold. It turns out that combining loose inspiration from the way French people dress with classic wear is what the fashion world needs right now.

For example, her red beret with a checked coat and high heeled sandals is somehow simple but with a modern twist. This fusion of styles gives Emily a youthful look that we’d love to recreate this autumn.  



Bridgerton might not be the most accurate representation of the clothing style in the Regency era but it still makes you swoon with its aesthetics and bold choices.

© Netflix

It seems that puff sleeves are finally making a comeback and rightly so – they give a simple design a bit more interesting vibe. While wearing a dress might not be the best autumn outfit idea, you can go for a blouse instead. Many people are quite charmed by the simple makeup used in the show too – Penelope’s flushed cheeks and minimal look. In the face of South Korea’s ‘glass face’ popularity, it’s now common to try to make your skin look flawless and makeup-free, with just a little blush. 

It’s too late to wait until New Year’s Eve to make resolutions to refresh your style. You can always turn to any of your favourite tv shows for more inspiration though.  

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