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Top Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

Top Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

For those who haven’t heard of Euphoria, it’s an HBO series that follows the life of troubled teenagers, tackling themes such as addiction, sex and trauma. While a well-structured plot and relatable characters are a big selling point of the show, the visuals are a close second. Euphoria is an aesthetically pleasing experience with bold and inspiring fashion choices that set trends across social media. And, of course, no look is complete without makeup which is attention-grabbing and matches the show’s name perfectly.

So, let’s cut to the chase and check out some of the best Euphoria-inspired makeup looks.

Diamond eye makeup

Perhaps the most iconic of all on this list, diamond eye makeup has been a source of inspiration for both makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts, as well as those in search of a unique look. Indeed, combining stickers with a simple eyeshadow can make your eyes stand out instantly and there are many different variations to choose from. If you aren’t feeling confident enough to replicate Maddy’s most-talked-about rhinestone makeup, you can simplify it by adding one sticker in each corner of your eyes and finish it off with eyeliner and fake lashes for a bolder effect. Perfect to add a bit of sparkle to a daily makeup or to amp up that party look.

Colourful eye makeup


Not many people enjoy experimenting with makeup, because, let’s face it, in most cases you have to be skilled to make it work. However, this colourful eye makeup look is a true godsend if you’re fed up with your skills, yet craving a challenge. Neon colours are Euphoria’s hallmark – pairing a bright eyeliner with a different coloured eyeshadow will give your eyes a fresh appearance. If applying eyeliner isn’t your strong suit, you can always go for glitter eyeshadows, one colour on each side of the eyelid. Don’t be afraid to pick colours that don’t seem to match because experimenting is the whole point of this look. It might seem counterproductive but who says makeup is always about bringing out the best of your features? Have fun with it.

Glitter tears

As Halloween season is approaching and clubs are back to their full capacity, it’s time to glitter up. There’s no makeup that better conveys the torment the characters are going through in the show and if self-expression is what you’re after, now is your chance to rock a bold, yet artistic look. Glitter tears aren’t suitable for every occasion but when the time’s right, it draws just the right amount of attention. Simply apply liquid glitter under your eyes mimicking the tears streaming down your face and add dark eyeshadows to make it even more dramatic and really emphasize the messy aesthetics.

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Cloud eyeliner

Although it might seem that Euphoria is all about neons and glitter, here comes a simpler but still cute look. It might not be a party spotlight stealer but it’s a convenient option if you don’t want to devote too much time to makeup and still fancy standing out. All you need is a colourful or white eyeliner and some basic drawing skills – aim for cloud shapes on the inside and outside of your eye or just over the outer corner of your eyes for something more discreet. Once you’ve mastered it, it takes less than a minute to pull off – you don’t even have to use mascara. It’s my personal favourite – imaginative, yet simple.

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