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Hands Down, The Best TV-Series’ Right Now

Hands Down, The Best TV-Series’ Right Now

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While you might feel like you should make up for these last cold months by spending your whole day outside, there’s nothing wrong with getting cosy under your blanket and binging a good TV series as the sun sets. Or even right after you wake up, summer isn’t quite over yet.

Very few things in life are more satisfying than finding entertainment that draws you right in. It makes you forget about the rest of the world. As the search is often times consuming, I’ve prepared a list of feel-good TV series to save you all the trouble. Enjoy!

Only Murders in the Building

This one is my personal favourite and a recent discovery that made me fall behind with work, but it was so worth it. If you love murder mysteries, it will be right up your street. The show is set in New York in a luxurious apartment where one of the residents is found dead. Three podcast fans suspect it was a murder and join forces to solve it. While it sounds just like any other crime series, its biggest selling point is the adorable trio that consists of a retired actor, a struggling Broadway director and a young woman. Plus comedic elements of course. Season two has just been released so you can guarantee yourself 20 hours of good fun.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a genius creation featuring my favourite comedian, Rachel Bloom. On the surface, the series might just seem to be about an unhinged woman who stalks her ex. And it kind of is. But, it’s also about friendship, dealing with mental health and everything in-between. I don’t want to spoil it for you too much, but I’ll just say that no other movie or TV series portrayed a character with this mental health disorder so well. Even if you don’t have it, I’m sure you’ll relate to some of the protagonist’s experiences. Plus, it’s a great musical with hilarious songs (and I’m saying this as someone who vowed to never watch a musical). See at least two episodes before deciding if it’s your kind of vibe.

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Never Have I Ever

Don’t you ever wish you could just press a button and teleport back to your teenage years? I don’t but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss the good parts. Never Have I Ever is a TV series dedicated to young viewers. The premise is simple: a high school girl tries to fit in and deals with typical teenage problems such as arguments with her friends or having a crush. What sets it apart from other similar series is that the main character has Indian heritage. It’s nice to see more representation in the media. I adore it because it helps me take my mind off things and reconnect with my past. So, if you have an appetite for nostalgia, give it a try.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is quite a problematic TV series, which is why I call it my guilty pleasure. If you can ignore all the stereotypes it relies on, you’ll get a highly entertaining mix of comedy and drama. Emily is an American who moves to France to work for a marketing firm, where she struggles to fit in. Eventually, she manages to make friends, search for love and feel a bit more at home. As predictable as it is, it’s an addictive journey that will make you binge-watch the first season in a day. Apart from the feel-good factor, a big bonus is also the setting. You get to admire all the Paris’ most beautiful views and be in awe of Emily’s wardrobe. Which I’ve previously covered on SSEDITORIAL. If you like something cheesy but with a good plot, you should give this series a go.

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