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Regencycore: Everything you need to know about the trend!

Regencycore: Everything you need to know about the trend!

In celebration of the second season of the Netflix show Bridgerton, I decided to take a deep dive into the Regencycore aesthetic. This is with particular interest as to how it has evolved over recent years. As mentioned briefly in a few of my articles, I decided to create a full guide about the ins and outs of the booming fashion trend for those unfamiliar with it already. 

What is Regencycore?

Regencycore is a fashion subculture trend originating from the United Kingdom’s Regency era from 1811 to 1820. To develop a new updated fashion, key style looks and silhouettes from this era have been brought forward to today. These include the revival of corsets, opera gloves, pearl jewellery, puffed sleeves, heavy floral prints and empire waistlines. It crosses over to cottagecore, another subculture trend that has grown throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Cottagecore embodies similar qualities to regencycore. Whilst cottagecore is a more homely and cosy approach to Victorian-style fashion, regencycore is the regal version. Regencycore focuses on the opulence of the high-society lifestyle.

Where has Regencycore come from?

The Regency Era is named after George Prince Regent. George temporarily became king of the country after his father George III fell ill and was deemed unfit to rule Great Britain. The era is known for its glamourous and extravagant art, literature and romance. When George IV rose to the throne, the era was defined as liberating and luxurious. George IV himself was described as ‘the first gentleman of England’ as he was both handsome and charming. This era’s clothing was known for waistlines rising, necklines lowered, corsets becoming softer and lighter skirts falling closer to the body.

Why is it popular today?

In recent years, these styles have recently reappeared in modern society due to the popularisation of period dramas and films. For example, art such as Bridgerton, Downtown Abbey, the Pride and Prejudice remakes and more. The costumes and lifestyle have been glamorised and shown in an aspirational light, which has its audience taking inspiration from these shows. The recent pandemic has also influenced trends as people look to these shows for comfort during such a stressful time. As Bridgerton came out at the beginning of COVID-19, many viewers were able to watch. They subsequently have taken inspiration from their costume as a means to look forward to dressing glamourous outside of quarantine. Designers have also seen a boom in this trend and have been inspired by the trend themselves which has now trickled down to high-street fashion.

How can you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe?

With affordable brands producing their own interpretations of the Regencycore aesthetic, incorporating this trend has never been easier. I’ve rounded up a few of our favourite wearable things to get you started on your regal-inspired wardrobe:

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