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Brushes For Low Budgets That Are Top Tier

Brushes For Low Budgets That Are Top Tier

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There’s something immensely beautiful about makeup brushes. If you’re beauty obsessed like me, then you’ll know that feeling you get when you buy new makeup brushes. They’re so clean and new, and I find it hard to even start using them sometimes! Personally, I don’t think you need to spend a fortune on brushes for them to be of good quality. I’ve used various affordable brands and have found them to be just as good as high-end ones. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite budget makeup brushes with you.


I love Primark for so many of their products. I’m a big fan of their makeup brushes, and they are ridiculously cheap!

They have a variety of range. You can get some great sets too which save you even more money. My personal favourite is the PS Liquid Foundation Brush. It is specially designed for liquid foundation; this makeup brush helps you achieve beautifully blended makeup. Easy to use, it features a fluffy, flat top brush with a thick handle for extra precision. Vegan friendly with gold toned colour that’ll bring a luxury feel to your vanity space! Simply apply your favourite liquid foundation and swirl it on your skin to soften any harsh lines.


I’ve got a couple of the H&M brushes and I love them! I started with the blush brush and added a few more including some of their eyeshadow brushes.

They’re very pretty – with black handles along with H&M inlaid in them in gold. The bristles are pale beige or dark brown and are so light and fluffy. They blend well, and I’ve loved using the ones I’ve purchased. They do different types, but the ones I like are the premium quality ones.

H&M are so affordable too – prices start from £1.99 for the normal range, and £4.99 for the premium quality ones, which is still extremely cheap!

Another of my favourites from the H&M beauty range is the mask applicator. It’s basically a flat silicone paddle which you can use to apply face masks without getting your hands messy – or dipping them into the pot which transfers yucky bacteria. I’ve never realised just how useful this brush would be, but I use it every single time I do a face mask and haven’t looked back! It makes doing a face mask so much more enjoyable.

Real Techniques Brushes

The Real Techniques makeup brushes are lovely, and I’ve used quite a few different ones from their range.

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I’ve been very impressed with all the Real Techniques products that I’ve tried, and their ‘beauty sponge’ has become a firm favourite for applying any type of foundation. It’s also a real bargain at £5.99 so is worth a try!

However, the most used brush of mine from the Real Techniques line is their powder brush. It’s fluffy and has a pink-chrome effect on the handle which I also love!

It’s great for applying that loose dusting of powder that works best for my skin – I’ve got combination skin and so any more than that and I end up looking a mess! If you would prefer to buy a set, Real Techniques is the best for that. A lot of their brushes are sold in sets to cut even more costs.

I hope you enjoy it and get some inspiration for your own beauty collection! Remember, price doesn’t always equal quality, and you may just be paying for the name on the side. For me, I work hard to find the best quality at the lowest prices, and I’m always up for giving things a go.

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