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Jimmy Choo May Have Your Spring Sandals

Jimmy Choo May Have Your Spring Sandals

The Bank Holiday season is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than by going abroad? Everyone is doing it – and maybe a little too much as the queues at the airport and currently manic. With us all trying to escape to the country or abroad, there is certainly room for you to get inspired by travelling. One of the recent explosions onto the fashion scene that we’re loving at the moment comes from Jimmy Choo. Namely, their new Reed sandal.

From what we have seen, the Reed sandal only comes in two colours. Amber Orange and Latte. Skipping over thoughts of how long it took for Jimmy to finalise those names, the shoe is on our wishlist for sure. When it comes to a sandal, we like open toes a lot to show off perfect pedicures. No one is sitting in a salon for 30 minutes only to keep their toes in socks.

Especially when you consider the fact that we’re in spring. Spring is all about bright colours, fresh beginnings and youthful scents. Whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean, you should go out and purchase something new every season, it does mean inspecting what you’ve currently got. Moreover, we’re huge fans of originality and creativity. This shoe doesn’t appear to be oversaturated in the market right now.

The verdict on Jimmy

There isn’t a sandal on the market at current that reminds us of this shoe. Sure, the construction of the sandal has been done before, and many times over at that. But, the jewelled chain anklet that resembles some sort of marble stone is a big hit. No one wants to go on holiday and not feel current and up to date with the current climate. Especially where fashion is concerned and social media is at the forefront of updating your friends and family.

Check out the reed flat sandal on Jimmy Choo now.

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