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Explore The New MaxMara Jacquard Fabric Tote Bag

Explore The New MaxMara Jacquard Fabric Tote Bag

MaxMara unveiled their brand new jacquard fabric tote bag a few days ago, and we’re interested in it. Mainly because of the fact that the bag contains ‘jacquard’. For those of you who don’t know, jacquard is a type of woven fabric that is regularly used in fashion. The interesting part about the fabric is that it has had a huge surge in the fashion industry in recent times.

But enough about the fabric, let’s delve deeper into the bag. We’re always interested in a tote bag because it’s the best all-rounder. You can use it when you’re going to work but also for times when you’ve got to run around performing your errands. It’s not the best for when you want a night out, but boy tote bags do wonders when you need to change your shoes.

The MaxMara logo isn’t the most popular monogram in the fashion industry which adds a certain attractiveness. This is mainly because even though we do believe in inclusivity, competition in fashion is fierce. So fierce, that it has been ingrained in us to constantly compare looks if we spot someone else in a similar item. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that the monogram is attractive.

The colour-way of the tote bag may in the first instance cause you to want to match it with a beige outfit. But unfortunately, the bag doesn’t pop enough to add appeal to the outfit. It may hinder it. Moreover, the price tag of the bag is subjective, but to us is unjustifiable.

The verdict on MaxMara

In terms of practicality, tote bags with zip fastenings are excellent where safety and security are concerned. Pick-pocketing is a trade that is very popular in large cities and a big concern. This tote bag doesn’t have a lock so you will be exposed to potential theft attempts. We wouldn’t recommend this tote bag, but we would understand if you still want to purchase it. Check the tote out here via the MaxMara platform.

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