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Skincare From Head To Toe

Skincare From Head To Toe

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In the past few years, skincare has taken off. Many of us had never even heard of serum not so long ago. However, now we are dedicated to our multi-step routine and wouldn’t be without our holy grail products. Although we’re treating our faces with far more respect, that doesn’t mean all our skin is cared for. Unfortunately, many of us neglect to look after all our skin, covering the… bodily area. In my opinion, it’s a real shame. 

Looking after your body’s skin will make any person look hotter. Being super soft, sheeny, supple, and smelling delightful are all undeniably attractive qualities. A full body care routine can indeed feel like a lot of work – but with this roundup of luxurious and effective products, the pleasure will be all yours.

Skincare Basics: Brushes and Exfoliation

Let’s start with the Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush. Body brushing is one of the few genuinely effective treatments for cellulite and stretch marks. You take the stiff bristles and run them over your body in long strokes, moving towards the heart. This brushing routine needs to be done dry, so it typically can be squeezed in before a shower. Guaranteed, this brushing routine leaves skin feeling incredibly tingly and noticeably brighter.

Exfoliation shouldn’t stop there, though. I’ve recently loved using the Superdrug Sisal Brush as a sponge replacement in my shower. It turns any soap into a scrub, lathering up and buffing your skin beautifully. However, if you want to really eviscerate dead skin cells, you can do no better than the Salux Cloth. This Japanese loofah-washcloth hybrid goes to town on any dry or rough patches, leaving you as smooth as a newborn.

Soapy Skincare Saviours

In the shower, I believe you can do no better than Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap. This minimal-ingredient, super-concentrated soap formula suds up beautifully, with each scent truly delightful – though I favour lavender. It’s also an incredibly ethical company, which is always a bonus.

Moisture Musts

Post-shower, applying some form of moisture is vital if you want your skin to look its best. If it’s nighttime, I adore Lush Sleepy, which smells like lavender cupcakes and makes skin smooth and soft, though never overly greasy. For day wear, I love the Kiehls Crème de Corps. It’s supremely hydrating but surprisingly lightweight. It also has a slightly bizarre wet-paint scent which I love.

If you’re showing some skin, opt for the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. This product absorbs quickly and feels dry on the skin. However, it also gives a natural but noticeable glow. Smear on collarbones and shins for true early noughties glam.

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Skin Protection

Body skincare also means protection, so wearing SPF should be a part of your routine. Again, for skin-showing times, I love the Ultrasun Glimmer. It comes in a range of SPFs, and each gives skin a soft, shimmering effect which is just adorable. Go for the Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water for top-ups throughout the day. It sprays on and feels weightless while ensuring you’re constantly at maximum protection.

highly recommend the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand And Nail Treatment for more specific use. Sure, it’s great on hands, but where this truly comes into its own is on your feet. Apply liberally at night, then put on some socks and wake up sandal ready.

Fabulous Fragrances

A final body-related product is a fragrance. Again, avoid choosing any old supermarket perfume. The Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oils are, quite simply, astounding. They feel gentle and soft on the skin without harsher alcohols (usually found in sprays). The scents are almost universally perfect, but 04 Bois de Balincourt is my summer vibe.

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