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JOJA Athleisure Launched By Josephine & Jasmine

JOJA Athleisure Launched By Josephine & Jasmine

an image of Josephine and Jasmine posing for JOJA athleisure

Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes are best known for being two former Victoria’s Secret Angels. Victoria’s Secret underwent a rebranding after numerous allegations of misrepresentation and underrepresentation. Since the rebranding, the Victoria’s Secret Angels are now Ambassadors of the lingerie giant. No strangers to rebranding, that’s exactly what Josephine and Jasmine (JOJA) have done.

They met whilst both being contracted to Victoria’s Secret on a fashion shoot for VS Sport. Josephine and Jasmine worked together on the shoots and grew a tight friendship. They have always been into sport and ask models have to be on top of their diet and fitness. They often posted really fun images of behind-the-scenes when they were on set at work and grew a following.

After the inception of the JOJA Instagram page, they continued to influence fans towards a healthy relationship with exercise.

As fans got a taste of the JOJA life, Josephine and Jasmine moved onto YouTube. YouTube was used as a way for fans to get a deeper understanding of what the models did to maintain their stunning physiques. Due to them being models, Josephine and Jasmine’s bodies are usually in shape. It is a part of their role.

They both used their friendship and knowledge of fitness to grow their brand which is now an athleisure brand. Josephine and Jasmine are influential women in the wellness space. Therefore, many girls will want to stay on top of their fitness. But not only for that reason, but they also want to work out and look good doing it.

Currently, JOJA only caters to women in the fitness space but for obvious reasons. Most JOJA followers are women. JOJA is focused on women living and training together. What do you think?

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