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The Latest Answers To Common Beauty FAQs

The Latest Answers To Common Beauty FAQs

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Things can often seem overwhelming for those just getting into the world of beauty. But that’s no reason to be put off! Thanks to the world wide web, there’s a wealth of knowledge for your consumption! And if you’re ever struggling, ask, and you shall receive. Here are some beauty-editor-approved answers to comment beauty questions (FAQ).


What is the secret to a good cat eye?

Well, I can offer two main tips – one on the shape and the other on the application. Shape-wise, you want it to make your eye look as big and twinkly as possible. I prefer a straighter line from the outer corner to the eyebrow (rather than anything with too sharp a curve) as it looks more modern and elongates your eye for a feline appearance.

Application-wise, I am very pro eyeshadow. Trace out your cat eye with the liner of your choice, then take a matte black eyeshadow on a tiny angled brush over the top. This sets your work in place and gives it a forgiving finish. A matte, slightly diffuse flick looks more remarkable than anything shiny and sharp.


What ingredients are found in setting makeup spray, and are they safe to use?

That depends on the setting spray. The main concern I have for setting sprays which boost makeup longevity is the inclusion of alcohol. Alcohol is fast-drying and helps make a mist finer. Still, it can harm the skin, particularly if you’re more dry or sensitive. Check the ingredients list before purchasing if you’re concerned.

However, you can DIY a makeup finishing spray which is both safe and affordable. Decant witch hazel (oily skin) or rosewater (dry skin) into a spray bottle and mist over your finished face. It’ll take down the look of powder and help melt your makeup into your skin for a more natural and dewy finish.


How often should you do your eyebrows for them to always look good?

For me, never. I’m serious – a complete, bushy, ungroomed brow always looks more relaxed and youthful than anything overly manicured. I will allow you to tweeze the odd hair if it’s seriously out of line with the rest but try not to get too trigger-happy when you start plucking. If you prefer a tidier look, the recommended time to wait between wax or threading is six to eight weeks.


Is there a remedy to keep your hair from getting greasy on a plane?

If you want to arrive and look fresh off the plane, I recommend applying dry shampoo and putting your hair up in a top knot for the entire flight. When you land, massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and let your hair down for effortless (and fresh-looking) waves. 

Alternatively, could you lean into the grease? A long-haul flight is an opportunity to nourish your hair with a mask. Apply before you leave for the airport, allow your hair to soak up during the flight, and then rinse once you reach your destination. The extra time will mean your hair will be super strong and shiny.


How many layers of nail polish are too many?

If you’re doing a home manicure, the ideal situation will be a base coat, two colour coats, and a top coat, making four. But with some shades (particularly nudes or pastels), two colours still look too sheer. If you’re having issues, I recommend doing thin coats rather than applying fewer thicker coats. This will create a uniform finish and dry quickly without any denting problems. It’s a more time-consuming process, but the results are worth it.


I’ve always wondered, what’s better, spray deodorant or stick on?

The best deodorant for me is the Mitchum Advanced Unscented Antiperspirant Roll On. It’s clear, so it doesn’t interfere with non-fragranced clothing to reduce interference with perfume. It’s also the very best at preventing sweat and scent. For me, spray-ons are too messy and often leave a crumbly white powdery residue – they also tend to smell very sweet and cheap.


I’m desperately looking for a remedy for dark circles around my eyes. Help!

Skincare-wise, little can be done to brighten dark circles, although vitamin C is always a good bet. Go for a gentle serum to bring over the eye area or a dedicated vitamin C eye cream – Drunk Elephant makes a lovely one. Alternatively, a slightly tinted eye cream can work wonders. The Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream has a light-yellow tinge which helps minimise the appearance of blue or purple tones. The Origins GinZing Eye Cream has a lightly pearlised finish, which helps reflect light in the undereye area.

Makeup-wise, the under-eyes have a propensity for looking cakey, so light layers of makeup work best. You can use a peachy or orange colour corrector to cancel out blue tones – Bobbi Brown’s Corrector is one of the best. Over the top, I’d go for a hydrating-feeling concealer to avoid looking dried out. Glossier’s Stretch Concealer is fantastic for under-eyes. Still, I’d recommend It Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Undereye for those who want more coverage.

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