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Anya Taylor Joy: Through the Archives of Beauty

Anya Taylor Joy: Through the Archives of Beauty

Anya popularity skyrocketed after her lead role in Netflix’s limited series Queen’s Gambit. She has since graced main roles on the big screen since then. But with fame comes great responsibility. Yes, I’m talking about makeup & fashion. Unsurprisingly, Anya is far from lacking in this department. Both her makeups and outfits deserve a separate post which is why I’ve prepared today’s list. Let’s get straight to the point and look at some of her best looks so far. 

Saturday Night Live

Anya hardly needs to make an effort to draw attention to her eyes. As mesmerising as they are, she still goes for makeup that makes them pop. In her NBC’s Saturday Night Live, she decided on smoky eyes with a little twist. Instead of drawing an eyeliner in a typical way, she drew one of the lines stretching from the crease of her upper eyelid. She also applied eyeliner to the bottom of her eye which added to the illusion of bigger eyes. This, in combination with dramatic eyelashes and huge earrings, gave her a fairly simple but captivating look. If you need inspiration for your next night out, you can’t go wrong with this makeup. Let them stop and stare!

Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit’s success can be attributed to an addictive, well-structured plot and impeccable acting. That doesn’t mean the creators paid little attention to other aspects of the show. The outfits, for example, provide a glimpse into the past and a source of inspiration for fashion today. I loved Beth’s flowy skirts and minimalistic outfits but what really inspired me was the way she drew her eyeliner in one of the later episodes when she started losing control. According to the creators, that look was supposed to represent her mental state and give her racoon eyes. Nevertheless, she rocked it. If done right, the floating eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger than they are. Of course, every kind of makeup would look gorgeous on Anya but if you like experimenting, give it a go.


If you haven’t seen Anya’s recent Elle USA cover, you should check out her Instagram and take notes. She looks incredible in that photo because of the makeup itself and because of how it skilfully emphasizes her features. In all the right places too. Her eyelashes are curled in the outer corners which highlight the almond shape of her eyes. Her bottom lashes are a bow towards Twiggy’s makeup and finding the right balance between regular and over the top. If you want to recreate this doll-like look, focus on bringing out your beauty instead of copying the exact makeup. For example, if your eyes are rather small, opt out of the eyeliner in the inner corners. If your eyelids are heavy unlike Anya’s, there’s no reason not to rely on fake lashes. Don’t forget to add a ribbon to make your hairstyle stand out. 

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If you’re a fan of outfits that fuse both simplicity and uniqueness, I’m sure Anya’s brown dress caught your eye. It combines slightly puffed sleeves with a low but modest neckline in a brown colour. A lovely contrast with her fair skin. What really completes it is the bold lipstick a shade darker than the dress. This time, her eyes are barely touched with eyeliner and mascara – all the focus is on the contrasts. To achieve the same effect try a fairer dress and a lipstick lighter than your skin. 

That was a list of my favourite Anya’s beauty looks. If you have any looks that deserve attention, let me know! 

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