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Reminiscing Over Zendaya In Balmain

Reminiscing Over Zendaya In Balmain

We love reminiscing over a good fashion moment. A good fashion moment occurs with careful preparation and a tailored fit to a specific body type in mind. One of our favourites that happened recently, was Zendaya in Balmain. Balmain has been around for a very long time, and the French fashion house has been dressing celebrities for years. One of the most recent collaborations Balmain did was with celebrity stylist Law Roach. Law Roach is a celebrity stylist to many, but his most envious relationship is with Zendaya.

Zendaya wore an archival dress from Balmain to the 53rd NAACP awards. The gown stretched back to the ’50s, with a nod to the glamours era of Hollywood. Racking up thousands of likes, she posed elegantly in front of a dull backdrop.

Usually, on red carpets we note the balance between beauty and edge. Where fashion tends to be loud in a vintage, colour or fabric way, everything else is toned down. Don’t get us wrong. You do have creatives who are huge fans of the maximalist approach, but the norm tends to be the opposite. Especially on red carpets.

Reminiscing on the theory

Zendaya wore an emerald green, black and red gown with minimal jewellery. Playing into the balanced look approach, her makeup was fairly demure, drawing all attention to the dress. From here you can tell that the goal of this look was to have all attention on the dress. To dive deeper into the thought behind the look, the dress, as mentioned earlier, stems from the 1950s. The theory is that this dress is timeless. In a technologically advanced environment, industries are always looking for the next big thing. Zendaya and Law are celebrating the past as teachers of the future. Explore Zendaya’s stunning snapshot below.

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