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Doja Cat & Sza Are Grammy Winners!

Doja Cat & Sza Are Grammy Winners!

If you’ve been hiding under the rock of the Oscar’s, then you’ve probably missed Doja Cat and Sza at the Grammys! If you don’t know what the Grammy’s are, they’re the music industry’s equivalent of an Oscar. It is considered to be the highest achievement in the music industry for all artists. You typically have to submit your work to the Oscar’s and wait to see if you’ve been nominated for an award in your chosen category. Not to mention, it essentially is a night for everyone in the industry to meet up. So you get major points for networking. Bonus points for performing!

This year, two artists by the name of Doja Cat and Sza won their first Grammy together. The award was for their collaboration on the song “Kiss Me More” in the Best Pop Duo category. Both stars looked happy and surprised that they had won the award, as would any artist. But what this moment even more special, is that it was the first Grammy win for both artists respectively.

It certainly is no surprise that two black women won the Grammy for their song because it was a hit all summer. With advancements in technology, award ceremonies are having to adapt to ways in which they judge the winners from the contenders. Social media plays a huge part in streaming for many artists. If a song is used all throughout the various platforms, does that automatically make it a hit? Potentially. In prior years, you may have been able to argue otherwise. But not in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Doja & Sza

The world was on pause and no one could go out to work beyond those who work in healthcare. Streaming became a huge source of revenue for artists as well as a way to gain notoriety. The kiss me more song by the duo was used all over social media, even before Doja Cat and Sza got together to shoot the official music video. The two got together and posed for an image that Sza posted on her Twitter page. Check out the image of the Grammy winners below.

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