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Ciara Wows In Denim Ensemble

Ciara Wows In Denim Ensemble

The singing, dancing and acting superstar has just reminded us of what it means to age gracefully with style. Ciara posed on the set of a photoshoot in a vintage Chanel inspired ensemble that was styled to a 10.

Denim is difficult to style. Do you go light on the top and dark on the bottom? Or so you choose dark on the top and light on the bottom? Then you have to ponder over which pieces of denim you’re actually going to wear once you’ve sorted out your colour association. There is no doubt that Ciara has access to some of the best stylists in the world, and in turn, can produce such well thought out outfits.

To make an outfit look effortless takes time. You must plan every detail. Think about Hailey Bieber and the plans she made for the Met Gala. In effect, her hair was styled to mimic her everyday tussled look. The trick was to recreate this look with products to make her appear as though she didn’t try very hard. In fact, Hailey did try hard. It took her a few hours to get dressed for the event and was stunning.

Ciara’s jeans were made with the heel attached. In other words, she likely got that item tailored. It is one thing to have jeans made for your size but what are the chances the shoe attached to the jean is your size as well? Very slim. The jean boots were made by YSL that she styled with a darker denim top.

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To stray away from commercialisation, Ciara opted for a ringed waist belt that mimicked cliché Chanel. She also layered her necklaces to draw attention away from having nothing on underneath her jean top. See the images of Ciara’s denim styling below.

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