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The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Eat For Your Health

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Eat For Your Health

This is an image of salmon-a fish included in our anti-inflammatory foods list.

I don’t pretend to know the most about food, but taking care of myself during February’s lockdown is all I think about. Some of you may need to learn how to cook, which makes takeaway dinners more attractive. As it is 2021, and the global pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, I’m suggesting anti-inflammatory foods for you to eat and incorporate into your diet.


Berries, oranges and cherries are your best bet for rich fruits. They work wonders for your digestive system and add colour to your plate. You can consume fruit in a plethora of ways too. You can:

  1. Juice it
  2. Blend it and make a smoothie
  3. Blend it and make an açai bowl
  4. Eat it wholesome
  5. Cut it up, and make a fruit salad


Eating greens like lettuce, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli can help to reduce the chance of getting cancer and improve your moods. Additionally, they can all be put into a smashing salad.

This is an image of a salad, which you can eat with fish or meat as part of a healthy diet. Many vegetables are included in anti-inflammatory foods.

Eat Fish

Fish is an excellent source of your Omega-3. The most popular fish is tuna due to its versatility. You can eat it raw or cooked. To switch up the monotony, try to eat salmon or cod. You could even experiment with mackerels and sardines.

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For those of you who have braces, unfortunately, you will not be able to eat nuts whole. You can grind the nuts or blend them as part of a smoothie or açai bowl.

These foods are a great place to start. However, this does not mean you should drastically change your diet to be ‘healthy’. Balance is crucial and should be your primary focus instead of eating food from certain groups. Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, then slowly incorporate the foods above. You will start to see a difference.

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