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Gadgets To Force Your Skincare & Makeup Routine Work Harder

Gadgets To Force Your Skincare & Makeup Routine Work Harder

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Loving products is really the cornerstone of all beauty obsession. But sometimes buying tubes of goo and pressed pans of powder isn’t quite enough to get your inner mad scientist going. If you want to go that extra mile, gadgets are a joy to explore. Here are some of the best. 


For face washing that makes a flannel look as archaic as a Myspace profile, the Foreo Luna is fabulous. What, you wash your face using your hands? What is this, the dark ages? A luna is battery powered to vibrate, ostensibly allowing your cleanser to penetrate deeper and clear out pore-clogging gunk. Without a shadow of a doubt, it makes everything foamier and more satisfying and definitely helps with gentle exfoliation to boost glow. I love.


If facial rolling seems a little too vanilla for you, then I must point you in the direction of micro-needling. Micro-needling gadgets may sound scary, and is, in fact, a bit scary. Basically, these rolling devices have microscopic needles which lightly puncture the very top layer of the skin. This helps tons more product absorb, while also prompting the skin to repair itself, speeding up cell turnover.

If you’re up for something creepy, I suggest either the Ecooking or the Swiss Clinic tool.


Facial rollers are another fun source of gadgets to put our skincare regimen to work. I like the ones from the Body Shop, which are cheap and cheerful, and most importantly effective. The Twin Ball Facial Massager (with both an amusing name and suggestive shape) is better for sculpting, while the regular old Facial Massager gives your face more of a workout thanks to tons of jabby spokes. Both boost circulation, helps with “lymphatic drainage” (whatever that is) and product absorption. 

For makeup, I’m of the belief that aside from brushes, there are only two tools you really need. The first is a sponge of the Beauty Blender genre, which is really the only way to ensure the foundation looks natural, airbrushed and dewy. In my opinion, the best is the Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge. 

The other makeup enhancer of the gadget variety is a good lash curler. If you think lash curlers don’t work, you simply have never used a good one. Two of the very best good ones are the (now almost impossible to find) Shu Uemura and the Kevyn Aucoin. Both leave lashes stood directly upright like good little soldiers, making you look both more awake and more like a cartoon drawing of a female. 

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