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Christmas Makeup: A Go-To Guide

Christmas Makeup: A Go-To Guide

The festive season is officially upon us, and therefore, as we step into Christmas, our makeup routines must transform. Whether you want to go completely all-out with a party look or keep it more simple but still show your festive side in a day makeup look, this guide will help you do so. Christmas spirit is extremely easy to show through your makeup look, and here are a few tips and tricks to show you how.

Rocking Red Lip Around The Christmas Tree…

Perhaps the most cliche element of the perfect Christmas look would be the classic red lip. However, it is a cliche for a reason, it immediately adds that special something to a normal makeup routine. If you are someone who is unsure about their ability to rock this bold colour in daily life, Christmas is the most amazing opportunity to give it a go. The red lip during the Christmas season is easy to pull off.

An image of a girl wearing red lipstick which is perfect for Christmas makeup.
Anh Tuan To

On the other hand, if you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and love to be bold and adventurous with your Christmas makeup look, you can opt for the glitter lip. The glitter lip has been around for years, however, recently its popularity has increased exponentially (especially on TikTok). Adding glitter to your lipstick combines both the boldness of a red lip with the fun and exciting nature of glitter, making you literally sparkle and shine. The glitter red lip is the epitome of all things Christmas to get you into the festive spirit of the season.

Sparkle and Shine…

Another way in which you can transform your normal makeup routine to display the Christmas spirit is through your eyeshadow. The best way to create a Christmas eye look is through – here it is again – glitter! Whether you want to go for the classic silver or gold, or truly showcase the Christmas spirit and use red or green glitter, this will most definitely infuse festive fun into your makeup routine. In order to perfectly offset your glittery eye look, add a strong winged eyeliner to your look in either black or brown.

Ready, SET, Christmas…

Ensure that your perfect makeup look lasts all day and night by using a setting spray and setting powder. During the day, in order to maintain that natural look and have that glowing skin which we all strive for even when winter weather may dry out your skin, opt for your favourite setting spray. For the transition into an evening full of family, friends and festivities, use a setting powder. Remember to go for a translucent powder to avoid flashbacks in all of those gorgeous Christmas photographs that you will be getting throughout this festive season.

Happy Hollywood Holidays…

If you would prefer to keep things more simple, yet remain timeless and classic in your Christmas makeup, go for the perfect Hollywood glam. This look, combining simplicity with glamour, is the perfect transition makeup for when you need to go from day to night. By combining the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can create a more simplistic, but still just as festive makeup look. Doing an effortless brown cut crease or smoky eye look, combined with a light shimmer in the inner corner of your eye will accentuate them. From this point, adding eyeliner will finish off the eye look, and the final touch occurs in the red lip to add that festive splash to your makeup.

The most important element of a Christmas makeup look is that you feel great in your own skin. Enjoying Christmas is the number one priority, so if you wish to express your festive feelings through your makeup, this guide can help you do so. Merry Christmas!

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