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How Does The Runway Influence Every Day?

How Does The Runway Influence Every Day?

Every season there are events that fundamentally influence the fashion industry – runways. From Paris to London, Milan to New York, designers showcase their top looks for the following fashion season. Runways have an extreme impact on the trends and styles which become popular. No matter what, you can count on these shows to have effects that reverberate through the whole of the industry. 

Judge and Jury 

First, Immediately following a fashion week, the media is inundated with commentary on the various looks and styles which have been showcased. Journalists, influencers, designers, celebrities and fashion lovers, in general, thrust forth their opinions on each look and show. Designers who decide to partake in fashion week offer up their work to the scrutiny or praise of the public. People find similarities between the shows and look between different designers. One roaring example of this (and I mean 1920s style roaring) is fringe fascination. Fringe detailing dominated the Spring/Summer 2022 runways of the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Dior, and Fendi. But how do we go from runway to every day?  

Trends, Trends, Trends

As a result of similarities between designers, expect to see some fabulous fringe garments when shopping for your summer wardrobe. Why is this you may ask? Well, these famous designers lead the fashion industry. The amazing talent and innovation that they display make them point zero. Other designers look to them for influence and inspiration.  

Following fashion week, our favourite high street brands take cues from other sources as well, such as trend forecasting. However, it is a well-known fact that no matter what, many of our favourite brands incorporate runway trends into their seasonal collections. 

Knee High Boots 

One example of this can be found in the surge in knee-high boot styles which resulted, at least in part, from the runways of 2021. From these runways, a trickle-down effect began. Designer looks may have caught the eye of a celebrity who immediately endorsed their love for them. From here, your favourite influencer may have begun styling similar outfits with knee-high boots.

As trends become increasingly popular, high-street brands see an opportunity to capitalise on said trends. This is the reason why, seemingly all of a sudden, shops had a myriad of knee-high boots in practically every colour and style that you could dream of. 

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Consumer Culture 

Lastly, runways have an enormous effect on consumerism. You may think that you are unaffected by runways and designers if you do not shop for these luxury items. However, you would be wrong. Fashion week and especially designer trends have a knock-on impact on the fast fashion industry.

For fast fashion brands, capitalising on trends is at the heart of their sales. As the trend cycle increases its pace, many people do not believe that investing in designer products is worth the money. This is the opportunity that fast fashion brands take advantage of. By creating cheaper versions that are based on or inspired by looks on the runway, fast fashion is able to capitalise on these trends. 

The runway industry represents not only luxury and affluence but also has an indescribably important role in all aspects of the fashion industry. Even if you do not own anything from a high fashion brand, the odds are that at least one of the items you are wearing is inspired by them. Fashion weeks are therefore centres of creativity and innovation which impact and influence an entire industry, forming trends that undergo the journey from runway to every day.

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