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Beyoncé & Balmain’s Collaboration Is A Hidden Match For Energy

Beyoncé & Balmain’s Collaboration Is A Hidden Match For Energy

An image of singer Beyoncé at a premiere of the Lion King movie.

Beyoncé is known for putting in much effort regarding her music career and style. These two elements of her career are more intertwined than you may initially think. Beyoncé has long been using visuals to complement her album releases; her outfits are a huge part. It’s also not the first time we’ve witnessed Beyoncé & Balmain’s collaboration come to life (Beychella). When I think about Lemonade (which I do a lot), the first thing that springs to mind is her yellow Robert Cavalli dress. Think of the Hold Up music video.

Similarly, I can’t hear Crazy In Love without having her look of a simple white tank and denim shorts ingrained in my brain. Queen Bey has taken things further and released a collaborative collection with Balmain. Each look represents a song from her latest album Renaissance.

I have spoken before about the importance of fashion when marketing film and TV shows, and I feel just as strongly about fashion and the music industry. Music goes far beyond sound in the age of social media or visual media. Often, when people support a musician, their music is not the only factor at play. People are buying into a character, a personality, and an image.

Music & Fashion

Unsurprisingly, when we think about fashion icons of this generation and their predecessors, many of them are musicians. That is because style and music have become almost inseparable. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing for music is beside the point. The connection between the two is undeniable.

As someone who loves both fashion and music, I enjoy the styling element of the music industry. I love seeing my favourite artists’ tour outfits or music video looks. So, Beyoncé coming out with a whole collection inspired by her album is perfect marketing for me. A ‘wearable album’ is such an exciting and unique way to take on the visual elements of the music industry.

Musicians spend so much time perfecting music videos because they know how important visuals are when promoting music. I cannot stress how critical fashion is within this. Suppose you are using a music video to add a visual element to the story you are telling through your song. In that case, fashion plays an integral part in building your character.

Fashion & Renaissance

By creating a distinct look inspired by each piece on Renaissance, Beyoncé is showing us the feeling that each song embodies. Not only is she creating the character, but she is allowing people to wear this character. If you can’t tell, I am a massive fan of this collection. I now want all my favourite albums to have their Couture collection.

It would be a crime to refrain from talking about the collection itself. Beyoncé co-designed the 12-piece collection alongside Balmain’s Oliver Rousteing. The designs are diverse and yet immaculately cohesive. It perfectly channels the flamboyance of dance music that is so central to the album. And we even got a sneak-peak at the collection without knowing when Bey wore the look for Virgo’s Groove at the Grammys this year

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