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(Di)Vision AW23 Certainly Had Vision at Fashion Week

(Di)Vision AW23 Certainly Had Vision at Fashion Week

In late January 2023, Simon and Nanna Wick of (Di)Vision hosted a tasty runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Guests were seated at the ‘Contemporary Official Talent Dinner’. Dining in what appeared to be a small ballroom, models ushered themselves through the layout of the tables. The (Di)vision AW23 collection was a casual attempt at a fashion week, especially compared to the rest of Copenhagen.

I wasn’t overwhelmed by any of the looks from this collection. However, as casual wear, I would strut a few of these outfits myself. So, for the everyday buyer, the Wicks did a great job. The consensus I can give for the vibe of this line would have to be a Y2K meets 2023 aesthetic. From skater tops to low-cut jeans, early 2000s trends are a circling style and merging with the modernity we wear today. Let’s not forget the sheer fabrics, the oversized clothes and the gender fluidity of outfits.

The Show

For the show’s ambience, a live instrumental band performed covers of punk band songs. Including works of Limp Bizkit, this was both iconic and hilarious! It was a brilliant attribute that I cannot fault.

The walks were an aspect that I respected and adored for choosing models and concepts for the catwalk. Models served sass and remarkable strides by throwing up their middle fingers, sticking out tongues and even dancing. It is refreshing to see character beneath the clothes beside a straight-faced fashion robot. It separates itself from the uptight nature of the industry.

Sarah Dahl for (Di)vision AW23

I am here to talk about the wine-stained garment Sarah Dahl wore to the event. It definitely should be feeding your hunger for new stunts and ideas in the fashion industry. Dahl supposedly wore wine-stained linen to the party, and upon the end of the show, she tapped her glass for attention, stood up, and walked the runway.

The Messy Stage Effect

I am deeply in love with the concept of the draping back to the outfit, creating a mess and causing a scene without any prompts. When she first stood, there were no cues as to what she was about to pull out of the bag. Or should I say off the table? The wine stain pattern on the garment may represent spilt wine and the “oops” moment of the chaotic approach to showmanship.

The footwear selected for Dahl’s outfit was a brave choice! Wearing trainers for such a well-crafted two-piece may not have been the best option. I would have preferred a sandal, small heels or maybe even boots. The trainers ruined the outfit and potentially a better artistic surprise. I will admit the matching socks were an attractive and subtle touch.

See Also

The gradient of the pink into the white tablecloth is almost a nudge at the secrecy of the garment. It would have been more apparent if the two-piece and the tablecloth were the same colour. However, with the combined effect of the colours, we see the contrast between art into practicality. It was almost evident if they had included a white dress that tapered over the table. However, using a drop shoulder two piece with this magnificent skirt was a great end to the show.

In conclusion, the (Di)vision AW23 runway was a statement piece with a wide range of artistic aspects. From the music to the personality and personal relations of the models and the bombshell of the last walk.

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