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Lemaire Fall-Winter 2022 Collection & Campaign

Lemaire Fall-Winter 2022 Collection & Campaign

As you can see from the main article image above, this campaign and collection is nothing short of breathtaking. Lemaire, the Parisian fashion house with deep influences from Asia just released their fall/winter collection and I’m obsessed. It’s not even Paris fashion week – hell New York fashion week hasn’t even started yet! Already, we’re seeing what creative director Christophe Lemaire has in store for us, and I love it.

The fall/winter season is all about warmth to me. I want to see faux wool coats, oversized jackets, chunky knits and mammoth boots. During the fall season, it’s beginning to get a lot colder and the flowers are beginning to die. Style is personal so there are no rules against wearing a flower dress in November. But if we’re speaking about fashion and what they induce the factories to pump out, I’m drawn to fabrics like wool, cashmere with a dash of cotton.

My favourite item of clothing has to be a good jacket and/or coat. To me, it is what makes or breaks a purchase. Often, when I shop online, I tend to peruse the coats section. If I don’t like what I see I tend to close down the browser and wish for more in my dreams. This is why I love high fashion. Designers are;t constrained by finances to make their next collection. It’s all a fantasy. Lemaire has just released the lookbook and I can’t express enough how pleasantly surprised I am.

Better in Two’s

Making my way downtown. This collection as a whole reminds me of the perfect outfit for being lost in the desert. I’d blend in well with the dry atmosphere and still look stylish. Those boots have just the right amount of extra fabric to complement the looseness of the dresses. When styling neutral colours, you can of course keep the colours within the same tones. However, to kick it up a notch, go into darker tones.

Courtesy of Lemaire

A brown and black boot can look a little ‘try-hard’, but when you add a black bag, it makes the outfit all the more realistic and ‘effortless’. As an outfit for the fall season, it is perfectly reasonable.

On the Go

Courtesy of Lemaire

Imagine this outfit but on a weekend running errands. My main intrigue with this outfit comes from the styling. In case you get me wrong, this is just a leather jacket, sweater, pants and boots. But it’s helpful for those who are sartorially challenged. Leather jackets are a big component of the autumn and winter season. When assessing a collection, these are the garments I tend to look out for.

How has the designer reinvented the jacket? If it’s just a plain old leather jacket, with no real thought behind it, I leave. That is not what fashion is about. Fashion is forward-thinking or uses the past to reimagine the future.

Brown not Neutral

Lemaire is clearly taking us to style school with this look right here. It is perfection in an outfit. What makes this outfit so great is the well-styled tones and deconstructed jacket. The boots are simple and can be picked up anywhere but that jacket cannot. Most of the items in this look can be recreated at home, but where can you find a jacket that is interesting?

See Also

Courtesy of Lemaire

It’s an interesting look because as a fashion journalist, I can’t think of a brand off the top of my head to solve my previous question. Maybe a strip to Acne Studios would suffice, but I’d doubt it. The main thing to take away from this look is the styling.

Blue takes the Cake

Courtesy of Lemaire

Blue is a nice touch in the winter season. It’s getting colder, and our skin becomes dryer. Adding blue to your closet during this season is subliminally hinting towards breathing new life into the week. Just like it is worn here, this shirt dress is not found on the high street. Not only is there unusual ruching but there is a slit at the bottom of the dress. The slit has been complemented with knee-high leather boots.

Again, we’re bringing leather back into the picture. The most obvious pairing here would be a leather jacket, but I would go the other way and opt for a duster length coat. Somewhere in the blue to the black range to tie it all together.

This is an exquisite collection, more of which you can see here. The campaign is well stacked with enough looks visible on the models. The excellent thing is that you have both men and women starring in the campaign. Great for couples or for fashionistas that shop in both departments.

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