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Jacquemus Le Montagne F/W 2021

Jacquemus Le Montagne F/W 2021

The Jacquemus AW21 collection titled ‘La Montagne’ was one of my favourite collections of this season so far. The combination of various layers, structures and silhouettes and Jacquemus’ trademark outlandish, cult-classic accessories resulted in a truly exciting show.

Jacquemus Look 1, of 59.

Model wears La Veste Obiou Jacket.

Firstly, The opening look from the Jacquemus ‘La Montagne’ show set the stage for an impressive collection. The La Veste Obiou jacket silhouette featured split sleeves and stitching that mimicked a cinched waist. This look was perfectly paired with the whimsical elements of the Le Cabas Neve bag and khaki shearling mules. 

Look 11, of 59.

Model wears Jacquemus La Doudoune Pralú Jacket.

This next monochromatic look played with structures and silhouettes in true Jacquemus fashion. The layering of the cropped puffer contrasted the longline open knit that overlapped the high waist of the suit trousers. Furthermore, the red and metallic look features a pop of pink as a dramatic contrast in the form of vibrant mules.

Look 13, of 59.

Model wears Jacquemus Le Bandeau Ventoux Top.

Adut Akech colourful look has taken over the internet and deservingly so. The look combines three traditionally clashing colours, red, pink, and orange is a perfect concoction. An interesting silhouette for look 13, as the twisted bandeau creates two elongated horizontal shapes above and below the silhouette for the shoulders. This is matched with a similar feature on the pink maxi skirt that includes a bulky waistband. The waistband is used to elongate the hips and align the skirt with the structured line created by the top. 

Jacquemus Look 15, of 59.

Model wears Jacquemus Le Pantalon Pinu Trousers.

This look modelled by Kendall Jenner has also made a splash on the fashion scene, since the Jacquemus La Montagne show debut. The layering of a barely-there chained cardigan under the pink two-piece combines to modify a traditional suit format. My personal favourite aspect of this look, however, is the bag. Held like a clutch but with an oversized strap, brings a whimsical element to the look.

Jacquemus Standout: Look 24, of 59.

Model wears Jacquemus La Robe Sierra dress.

This look is potentially my favourite of the show, as it feels like an elevated version of the Little Black Dress. The almost-off-the-shoulder element of the dress combined with delicate harnessing around the shoulders, adds an interesting twist. That twist being the dress is literally being held up by a thread.

Look 35, of 59.

Model wears Jacquemus La Veste Paioú jacket.

The combination of baby blue and a bright neon yellow serves to break up this monochromatic look. The yellow bandeau is a tightly fitting piece that is layered underneath an oversized jacket. I love the shape of this jacket as the body is extremely oversized, yet cropped to the waist. This creates a stark contrast with the sleeves, which completely cover the hands and reach the model’s mid-thigh.

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Look 45, of 59.

Model wears Jacquemus La Veste Soco jacket.

This look is yet another that is fighting for the top spot on my list. The neutral brown tones work perfectly for a traditional autumn/winter colour palette, and the textures layer extremely well together. There are two main elements in this outfit that I love, the camel split-hem trousers and the tailored jacket. Split-hem trousers create more flowing shapes than skinny-fit trousers usually allow for. These create beautiful silhouettes when they overlap with boots and shoes such as these shearling mules.

I love that the jacket plays on the recent trend of oversized jackets and blazers. By adhering to that structure and silhouette, the trick is to cinch the waist in with prominently visible straps. This feature is not only extremely flattering but refuses to conform to what is expected of an oversized jacket in a blatantly visible way. 

Watch the show here.

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