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High Street SLG Alternatives For All Budgets

High Street SLG Alternatives For All Budgets

In a world of luxury goods, I often need designer dupes to get stellar lookalikes for half the price. I’ve given sseditorial a beginner-friendly guide to starting a luxury SLG journey. SLGs, or Small Leather Goods, are the most cost-effective way to begin your luxury journey. Consequently, many luxury goods can cost you thousands of pounds, so claiming your purse is the sensible option. Moreover, a high-street alternative to luxury SLGs is even better!


High Street SLG: Charm Mini Wallet

& Other Stories (‘stories’) is not the most popular high street brand, but it does make up for its quality. For example, many bags from stories are made from 100% leather or sustainable materials. As a high street store, stories sell all the staples such as dresses and bottoms; thus, if you are unfamiliar, this mini wallet is a great SLG.


High Street SLG: Makeup Bag

Calvin Klein’s makeup bag is a perfect dupe for the Gucci GG Marmont Cosmetics Case. Set in soft black faux leather, vegans alike can scramble for this dupe. The best part about this cosmetics case is that Calvin Klein is a well-known brand with credibility, so you’ll feel trés chic when you carry this bag.


High Street SLG: 4-Piece Set

H&M is one of the most popular high-street brands in all of Europe. This four-piece set was designed to house a mobile phone, earphones, credit cards and keys. Furthermore, the multifunctional SLG sits around your neck, so you won’t have to hold your belongings. Set in imitation leather, this hands-free SLG is an excellent dupe for the popular mobile phone holders that sit around your neck.


High Street SLG: Logo Cosmetic Bag

This Mango cosmetics bag is another excellent dupe for the Gucci GG Marmont Case. Set in a sage colour, this cosmetics case is large enough for everyday essentials. Additionally, if you treat it well, it will last you years.

an image of a MANGO bag which is an alternative to luxury small leather goods.


High Street SLG: Love Heart Purse

Afterwards, we have a purse from the well-known high street brand Ted Baker. It is made for cards, cash, and coins, which makes the love heart purse a triple threat. This purse is an excellent dupe for the Marc Jacobs X Peanuts snapshot compact wallet.

an image of a Ted Baker purse which is an alternative to luxury small leather goods.


High Street SLG: Essential Zip-Around Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger is known for its preppy style and premium price tag. This SLG is great for beginning your journey with the Tommy family. This zip-around wallet is an excellent multifunctional holder for your cards and cash. Moreover, it is so tiny that it fits perfectly in the bottom of any bag.


High Street SLG: Patchwork Cardholder

Next, we have a patchwork cardholder from Estella Bartlett, sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Accordingly, cash and cards were at the forefront of Estella Bartlett’s patchwork cardholder. A far cry from cards and coins, which are featured in cardholders we are used to.

an image of an Urban Outfitters cardholder which is an alternative to luxury small leather goods.


High Street SLG: Cross Body Bag With Buckle Closure

Finally, known for its ever-changing collection and runway-style garments, Zara is a perfect shop for SLG dupes. Zara is the main feature of many fashion arsenals. The crossbody bag with buckle closure looks like leather and features gold detailing sewn into a black leather shoulder strap. Begin with this designer dupe from Zara to get your head around the aesthetics of SLGs.

an image of a Zara bag which is an alternative to luxury small leather goods (slg).

To summarise, you can go to many places to purchase an SLG. Small leather goods include purses, keychains, phone cases and wallets. You should always aim to buy the best quality items for your buck to get the longest wear out of your item. When you’re ready, look at my SLG list for luxury goods. That is the next step up in your SLG journey.

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