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(SLG) Small Leather Goods: How To Get Started With Luxury Brands

(SLG) Small Leather Goods: How To Get Started With Luxury Brands

How Do I Get Started with High Fashion Brands?

Small leather goods (‘SLG’) are a fantastic way to get started with luxury brands. They are the most affordable goods on the market and are quality enough to get you emotionally involved with a brand. When buying goods, you want to make sure that you will enjoy the item and what the design stands for. Our guide is here to help you, with your first ever purchase. From Burberry to Yves Saint Laurent, you’ll find what you need below.


SLG: Small Icon Stripe ECONYL Travel Pouch

Lining 100% Polyamide; Trim 100% Leather.
This SLG from Burberry features the popular plaid design.

A staple in British fashion culture is the effervescent Burberry Trench Coat. Whilst this garment may be out of your price range now, you need to build up trust with the brand. Start with this travel pouch and take it on the go with you. This way you’ll know if the brand is quality enough for you to invest in more key staples.


SLG: Serpenti Forever Card Holder

100% Leather.
This SLG is from Bulgaria and features the serpenti snake head.

Bvlgari is a champion when it comes to jewellery, and personalised gifts. The well-known serpent logo is embossed upon bags and fine jewellery alike. As Bvlgari is not for the faint-hearted, begin with the serpenti forever card holder above. A bonus of this slg is that it is personalisable, and holds six credit card slots!


SLG: Darryl Coin Purse

100% Leather.
This SLG is from French luxury fashion house Chloé.

100% Leather. This coin purse is a great start to your luxury collection. The French are known for the simplistic style, and with Chloé being a French fashion house, there is no difference. Many members of the general public will not think of Chloé when luxury is the stimulus, so this purse will also be a nice ‘fly under the radar’ bag choice.


SLG: GG Marmont Cosmetic Case

Lining 100% Nylon; Trim 100% Leather.
This SLG is from Gucci. It is a cosmetics case bag, suitable for makeup lovers.

Gucci this, Gucci that. Makeup is a girl’s best friend, and here we have the perfect meeting in the middle. We love to splurge on makeup unless we want to try drug-store products. This cosmetic case is a step in the luxury direction and introduces you to the world of Gucci. Try this case out and see for yourself if Gucci are worth the money.


SLG: Clémence Wallet

100% Leather.
This SLG is from Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is the largest luxury fashion house in the world. Any human looking to build a staple luxury collection must have an item from Louis Vuitton embedded in its very essence. It is up to you which product you choose, but a great place to start is the small leather goods section. It is the most price-effective part of Louis Vuitton, and an excellent way to see if the brand is perfect or too gaudy for you.


SLG: Peanuts X Marc Jacobs – The Snapshot Compact Wallet

100% Leather.
This SLG is from Marc Jacobs. It is a collaboration with Peanuts.

This wallet has a space for both cards, cash and receipts. It doesn’t scream designer either, so it’s a nice way to fly under the radar. This wallet is creative enough to stand out amongst more boring designs. A clear winner for your collection.


SLG: Virtus Leather Pouch

Lining 100% Cotton; Trim 100% Leather.
This SLG is from Versace. It features the baroque design.

Large enough to fit your emergency daily essentials, this pouch is a great start for your growing collection. Versace is all about strength and female empowerment. The ultimate goal is to shop their ready-to-wear (RTW) collection or La Medusa bag collection. This pouch will fit perfectly in the bottom of your everyday bag and will let you know if you enjoy Versace. Slowly you can build up your luxury collection.

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SLG: Debbie Long Card Holder

100% Leather.
This SLG is from Vivienne Westwood. It features the crown globe logo.

You may know of Vivienne Westwood through the logo appearing on jewellery. Namely, pearl necklaces. However Vivienne Westwood (‘VW’) is much more than jewellery and SLGs, VW is a moment. It says that you don’t care about what anyone thinks, and you have this cool alternate, yet fashionable side to you. Begin with this Debbie long cardholder if you are interested in a VW luxury arsenal in the future.


SLG: Monogram Bill Pouch

100% Leather.
This SLG is from Yves Saint Laurent. It features the mature logo all women have come to know.

Yves Saint Laurent (‘YSL’) is mostly recognised for its embossed bags and shoe designs. It is an entry position into the sexy and sultry side of luxury. There is a maturity to YSL which exemplifies its position as a staple in any luxury collection. As YSL is a commitment, begin your collection with the monogram bill pouch to see if it is worth your investment.

In summary, SLGs are the most cost-effective way of beginning your journey into luxury goods. From a holistic view, you won’t be investing much into the brand, as SLGs are usually the easiest purchase you can make. Build your collection slowly, so you can make clear distinctions between which brands you like and trust. Make these brands a priority as you grow and mature.

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