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Victor Glemaud Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Victor Glemaud Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Do you want to know what’s interesting about this collection? The fact that this fashion show reminds me of shows in the early 2000s-2010s. To be specific, what I find interesting is the fact that the show lacked model diversity. When watching shows as a youngster, I would always have to imagine myself in clothes on models who looked nothing like me. Now that Victor Glemaud has reversed this role, I don’t have to imagine myself in the garments, that does not signify a win to me. In today’s climate, representation is everything. So, whilst it is absolutely refreshing to see so many black models on the runway, it is also slightly regressive. I’m not interested that much in fashion shows that don’t appear to be inclusive. I have often criticised fashion shows for this reason, and I will continue to do so as a fashion reviewer.

The show

I was intrigued by Victor Glemaud when I first saw a few photos from a colleague. Afterwards, before checking out which shows I would review, I looked on the sseditorial NYFW schedule and saw that his show was being displayed and kept an eye out. I think that this collection for me transcends fashion. It is bigger than the basic collection to me because of the fact that so many black models appeared on the runway. Not only that, it seems as though black women were the inspiration for the show. Moreover, the collection was designed by a black man. This collection is such a huge celebration of the black culture because of the space that it creates and inspires for the black community.

The collection

I’m not totally wowed by the collection. I think that the collection is excellent where basics are concerned. Do you know brands such as Dior and Versace often sell basic dresses for extortionate amounts? I feel like I would be happy to spend an extortionate amount on this Victor Glemaud collection. The colours of the collection were excellent and demure. Much like the designer himself. When he took his final walk he looked so graceful. Happy and appreciative of the moment.

A big standout for me was the fur items of the collection. These coats and jackets are very useful for the colder months. Similarly, I liked the practicality of the garments and their everyday wear. Oftentimes, recent shows that were displayed during NYFW lacked this factor. The garments had an outlandish design and were not reduced down to what I’d like to call the ‘errand factor’. Yes, creativity is a must, but so is the ability to adorn ready-to-wear garments straight from the runway.

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Extra’s from Victor

There were no accessories on the runway, which can work as a benefit or a hindrance to a designer’s collection. Where a collection includes accessories, there is a chance for the designer to upsell and introduce new customers to the brand. Customers who are wallet-sensitive like to invest a little before jumping in. The fact that no accessories were put onto the runway, may limit the ability of the house to garner new customers. However, no accessories also mean more attention to the garments on the runway. As I said, this collection is an excellent basic collection.

It’s also sexy enough to wear as a base, and then have the individual build on the garments with their own personal sense of style. The shoes were not fancy at all, really simple court shoes. The great thing about not having an intricately designed shoe is that you can pick them up from anywhere. But also, you have the ability to choose whichever shoe you want to wear instead. The options are endless, and that is what formulates part of a well put together collection.

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