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Harris Reed Is Now The Modern King of the Red Carpet

Harris Reed Is Now The Modern King of the Red Carpet

This is an image of Harris Reed, a top voice in the fashion industry.

As we recovered from the whirlwind that was this year’s awards season, particularly the Grammys, several noteworthy fashionable red carpets caught the crowd’s attention. Watching A-listers enter the Grammys red carpet, Shania Twain, a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress, struck my eye the most. She had almost completely changed but in a good way. Even the photographers noticed her for her risky choice of attire for the red carpet. When Shania disclosed what she was wearing, I realised Harris Reed had become a mainstay in many celebrities’ closets and has never failed to disappoint.

Shania Twain

Let’s analyse Shania Twain’s red-carpet appearance at the Grammys before delving into why Harris Reed’s designs make an impression.

This outfit is from Harris Reed’s Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear 2023 Collection. He explores exaggerated forms and headpieces in the collection while adapting classic female motifs. For example, corsets and crinolines fit the contemporary culture. Shania took a risk with this rather than a traditional evening gown that most celebrities wear on red carpets. She caught everyone’s attention with her power suit, hat, and bell-bottom pants, as well as her crimson hair and bright red lipstick for a splash of colour. Her outfit also had huge lapels, black glitter, and polka dots. As evidenced by her joyful facial expressions, she claimed on Instagram that she came to the red carpet to have fun.


Harris Reed may be a name you are familiar with from 2021 when he designed Iman’s spectacular golf leaf gown for the Met Gala.

She made a statement at the Met Gala for the “In America” theme by donning a gold feathery headdress, matching crinoline, gold bustier, and gold flares underneath. They sought to project a ray of light onto the carpet and provide themselves with a platform to display their lavish gown, inspired by a combination of 18th-century caged costumes, 1920s flapper gowns, and the Queer community.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, who won Album of the Year, worked with Harris Reed on several projects. He created his outfit for his first male-only American Vogue cover in 2020.

In support of the LGBT+ community, Harris Reed has made it known that he dresses his models to be gender fluid. Not only that, but his boundary-pushing creations paved the path for androgynous fashion, allowing for enjoyable experimentation with many looks and defying accepted norms. Several of Harry Styles’ clothes from his tour are also his creation.

Lil Nas X

Due to their shared values and the fact that Lil Nas X is regarded as a queer role model, it was essential for Harris Reed to create the rapper’s VMAs 2022 red carpet look.

Along with Lil Nas X, Conan Grey was spotted wearing an upcycled bridal dress that had been transformed into a suit for his ensemble. His attire, designed to make a statement on the red carpet and demonstrate that fashion has no bounds, was identical to Iman’s Met Gala ensemble but in a black colourway. He has already worked with the rapper, having produced many of his pieces, including the cover for Entertainment Weekly.


Lastly, Harris Reed is renowned for designing Beyonce’s ensembles for her recent British Vogue shoot.

As a result of his success in the fashion industry, he has been able to work for a variety of brands, from Dolce & Gabbana to Nina Ricci, where he will start as the brand’s new Creative Director in late 2022. At such critical junctures in pop culture, he has collaborated with many celebrities, shedding light on both the personalities and the inspirations behind his sketches. His works, inspired by social and political themes and transformed into lovely and romantic pieces, can be seen in the wardrobes of many celebrities and have established themselves as a staple on every red-carpet occasion on the social calendar.

We are eager to see what he brings to fashion week this season, where he will debut two collections for the first time.

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