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Low-Budget Summer Ideas To Try

Low-Budget Summer Ideas To Try

After the unpleasantly cold spring, the summer is finally here and it’s time to celebrate the remaining sunny days before the weather cools down again. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it fun. Here are a few low-budget ideas you can try this season.

Go For A Walk

We all go for walks. Whether it is to do some shopping or get to the bus stop, we rarely stay truly conscious while doing so. To make the best out of this summer, take a stroll around the city or country and try to be mindful of what you see and hear. When your mind tries to wander, gently bring it back to the present. This can help you feel more grounded and appreciate little things, which are what make life so amazing. Time does fly by but you can always stop, take a deep breath and embrace the present moment.

Charity Events

Charity events are a great thing to add to your list because they combine fun with raising money for a good cause. The type of activities you can get involved in will depend on the type of event but you can often expect games, performances and face painting. If you’re not wearing glitter, is it even summer yet?

Low-budget Games Night

Summer is here now which means you can get out of your comfort zone. If you’re a bit on the adventurous side, you can invite your friends for a challenge duel. The rules are simple; every day brings a new task to complete that has to be documented with a photo. The difficulty of challenges might vary from doing 5 push-ups or going to a shop wearing a onesie to asking a stranger out but the main thing to remember is to have fun.

Learn A New Skill

Summer is the perfect time to focus on self-development without going overboard. Make it simple; learn how to bake your favourite cake, memorise a piano sequence or master a new skateboard trick. You don’t have to become a champion in any discipline, the key is to enjoy yourself.

TV Binges are Low-budget Friendly

Sitting in front of your laptop might not seem like the best way to welcome summer but who says you can’t do it while relaxing in the garden? Days off shouldn’t always be about achieving things; sometimes the best kind of self-care is allowing yourself to be lazy. So play your favourite TV series or start watching something completely new (maybe that 7 seasons show you’ve been putting off seeing).

Go Hiking

Spending time in nature is always a good way to improve your well-being as it reduces stress and boosts your mood, and combining it with a sports activity can bring extra benefits. Even if there are no mountains in your area, you can opt for a long walk in the forest. Providing that you already have basic sportswear, this low-budget form of enjoying nature is a brilliant pastime.

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Plan A Picnic

A picnic is a simple but cute day out plan that can make your summer unforgettable; there’s nothing better than bonding with your friends or a partner and munching on your favourite food. Add a sunset to the mix and you’ll have a recipe for a straight-out-of-movie experience. All you have to do is grab a blanket, buy some snacks and pack sunscreen. To keep costs low, ensure that you make the food yourself. This ensures a low-budget picnic not to mention that homemade food generally tastes better than store bought.


Adult responsibilities not only mean less time for yourself but also train you to make more sensible decisions, which isn’t a bad thing but there has to be some balance. To reconnect with your inner child, try to be more carefree and do whatever you feel like doing at that moment. Whether it’s running through sprinklers or booking a train to the other side of the country, there’s a nice rush to acting on your impulses. To keep this as low-budget as possible, plan this in advance!

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