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AI Is Quickly Becoming A Dark Horse In Fashion; Watch Out!

AI Is Quickly Becoming A Dark Horse In Fashion; Watch Out!

AI is an abbreviation of Artificial intelligence, in other words, an intelligent computer. It has become a trend amongst social media to use AI to fuel our imaginations. AI-generated art is fast and free artwork that can give us candid pictures of ideas.

We can find realistic photos from a source called DALLE, which stands for Deep Artificial Language Learning Engine. It simply generates pictures from a text description. We have encountered humorous memes, abstract images and concepts beyond our reality. This has already affected our local artists. However, could it begin to impact the fashion industry as a whole? I have recently encountered AI catwalks that have grabbed my attention and perplexed me. Could AI determine the future of the fashion industry?

My Discoveries 

While scrolling through social media, I discovered a fascinating compilation of different fashion concepts through AI art. They all included various events, films, fictional characters and celebrities. For example, there is AI-generated art of superheroes and horror movie killers as if they had attended the Met Gala. I am surprised at the level of creativity and innovative spice carried out in these fake looks.

It is impressive how a computer can generate an entire visual with flawless garment design simply through word description. Not to mention the details are another significant factor considering the pictures do not depict reality! I still await an AI outfit that doesn’t scream chic and unique. To be able to ask a computer what a concept would visually look like is impressive yet alarming. It is uncanny how intelligent technology has progressed and how we can conjure anything in seconds with the click of a button.

Impact of AI

I have been considering what the future will be like for fashion. We are already using computer-generated art to represent outfit concepts. Is it possible that illustrators won’t be needed? Now you can command a machine and quickly turn your ideas into visuals in seconds. Undoubtedly, the impact of this change will affect jobs. Why would you pay an illustrator to help you design a garment when you can ask an AI the same thing for free?

Whether you believe this is positive or negative, it can call for inspiration for future designs and garments copied and created from an AI picture. As a student designer, the garments’ impressive styles and structures have inspired me. People may have made unique garments from original ideas or copied them from the computer.

An image of three women created by AI technology. The image looks life-like which is the trick of AI (artificial intelligence).

If you think about it, our trends arise from online sources. AI can also be a new form of online content that can start fashion trends and future aesthetics. It would be interesting to see which directions technology takes us and its impact on our reality. AI’s realism makes us question whether it is a natural or fake picture presented, meaning nothing is stopping us from using this technology to produce work. Only time will tell.

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