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The Most Whimsical Versace Fall Winter Collection To Actually Exist

The Most Whimsical Versace Fall Winter Collection To Actually Exist

I want to take you back on last year’s joy ride to reminisce over a whimsical collection by Donatella. The Versace fall winter 2020 fashion show happened last year. We have had many clothes released by Versace ever since, but this show has to be one of my favourites.

The Opening Looks

I love the designs behind Versace’s sartorial line. The opening looks for the ladies and menswear could be worn in a corporate setting, which I enjoy. What I also like about the creativity behind Versace is that it is for the everyday woman, made by a woman. The garments have such a feminine appeal and draw attention to women’s best features in a tasteful way.

There were eight looks in total for the first act. It was all black, sleek and tailored. There was one maxi skirt for the ladieswear, but the rest were mini dresses or skirts. The boots were heeled and very rock and roll.

The menswear was also sleek, all black, with hints of black sunglasses for the paparazzi. The emphasis on the leather for the menswear came from the gloves and jackets.

The Second Act

Kaia Gerber opened the second act of the Versace show. She wore chunky boots with a red and black houndstooth blazer tied together with a thin black belt. Versace meshes the segments with Kaia, who wore black leather gloves and emblazoned gold earrings.

When I deconstruct this outfit, it is plain and boring. The pop of red is what makes this outfit shine. At the heart of this outfit, the only shades in play here are black and white. The cleverness adds colour to this outfit and ties it all together by including black.

The second act was all about pops of colour. Red, green and blue were the most prominent colours of this act. The bag accessory is a play on prints, as the reptile bag is neither houndstooth nor plain.

This section of the Versace show felt like Donatella’s take on prep. Prep style is what you see children wear when they go to school. The top half is usually a shirt worn under a jumper and a possible blazer for warmth. The bottom half is then a skirt for girls and trousers for boys. The jumpers were emblazoned with the Versace trademarks to identify the ‘school’ as it were.

Versace Fall Winter 2020 Neon

This section was all about the Versace logo. The logo was stretched across the men’s polos, jackets and jumpers. Versace chose to use orange and green for their show.

This section also saw the introductions of cuts. As seen on the first model in this image, it was about showing just enough of the garment underneath for the pop of colour. Black can be a dull shade, so adding neon colours is the perfect compliment. However, the men were not the only models with cuts, as the women’s skirts also fell victim to scissors.

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Back to Black for the Final Act

We are now at the end of an hour-long show, pre-editing. This segment is about silhouettes and embellishments with shoes and dresses full of crystals. The necklines and shoulders of the dresses all accentuate the waist and hips.

We then experience the ‘Mami Chula’ moment with fur! Both of these coats are gorgeous! Can you imagine a date night with your partner, and you both wear it? Hilarious. It’s the ultimate his and hers outfit.

The silver garments on top make way for the final looks. These looks open up room for more print over colour. This was a reminder back to the earlier outfits with the likes of Mariacarla and Irina.

Final thoughts on the Versace collection

My final thoughts are simple. This show is impressive. It is a testament to Versace’s allegiance to fashion and how creativity in the arts contributes to our society. The amalgamation of ladies and menswear in one show is a lot to take in, but when you take the soundtrack into account. It is nothing at all.

We also saw Donatella use technology to improve Versace’s global communication. She digitally transmitted herself onto a screen instead of a bow of applause.

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