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Dior AW22 & the Exploration of Fashion and Technology

Dior AW22 & the Exploration of Fashion and Technology

Maria Grazia Chiuri beautifully executed the Dior AW22 collection that graced the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. She explored the connection between fashion and technology. Corseted waists, shoulder pads and harnesses featured throughout the collection. All of these features gave the collection a feeling of futuristic armour. Alongside traditional Dior looks, we have become accustomed to, of course. 

The show opened in darkness with a black bodysuit laced with neon lights serving as the only light in the room. The fluorescent green wire lit up the outline of a feminine figure gracefully making its way down the catwalk. Top model Steinberg made her way down the catwalk as the house lights came up and revealed her look. The show was in collaboration with the Dynamic Autonomy and Intelligent Robotics Lab. The collaboration aimed to blur the distinction between fashion and technology beyond its usual parameters.

The Collection

One of my favourite looks in the collection was this one which featured a long black gown with a high neckline. I found that this look was reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in the film classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. To me, the black dress mimicked the silhouette and high neckline of Holly Golightly’s iconic little black dress. A highlight here is the styling of the hair with a jewel-encrusted hairband. However, contrasting with the famous opera gloves, the Dior gloves had a futuristic approach.

The gloves played with the traditional femininity of the look by implicating a bulkier and more masculine element.

Similarly, I liked the overtly feminine jewel-encrusted strapless gown paired with futuristic army-like boots. That felt like something you would see in a sci-fi film. The experimentation between an almost armour-like technological look with these traditionally feminine dresses created a fun show. The pieces played with the traditional norms of fashion and highlighted the intersections between the past and the future. Not to mention the intersection of fashion and technology, of course.


The experimentation with technology added to the innovative feel of the collection. Maria also dabbled in a grungier aesthetic to its usual trends. Experimenting with black tulle and asymmetrical hemlines, these looks were my personal favourite staples from the Dior AW22 collection. They felt both dainty and delicate but also edgier compared to some of the later gowns. These dresses were suited to the return of the ‘pop-punk’ early 2000s aesthetic. A resurgence in fashion amongst celebrities such as Olivia Rodrigo in the past year or so. 

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Final Thoughts on Dior AW22

The end of the show was clear as day. The looks transitioned from being futuristic and modern to various flowing gowns. I felt that the gowns regressive rather than progressive. These looks seemed to be inspired by the Greek goddesses rather than the technological advancement that inspired the earlier looks.

Another stunning look that caught my eye was the closing look (shift dress) that featured an intricate golden neckpiece. The neckpiece perfectly complimented the gown and epitomised ethereality. The ethereal look was present throughout the final dresses in the collection.

Similarly and lastly, the green and black floor-length looks were ethereal, featuring a free and flowing structure with cape-like details. The choice of colours drew them away from the traditional goddess image seen in collections. But they worked perfectly to create gowns inspired by the aesthetic with the integrated A/W colour palette.

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