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What’s On The Wishlist At Hanifa?

What’s On The Wishlist At Hanifa?

Spring is such a happy time for us all. It brings with it new beginnings and hopes for the rest of the year. Though we should be experiencing slightly warmer weather, you can never be too hopeful as a resident in the UK. That’s not going to stop us from adding items to our wishlist though! Today we’re heading over to the Hanifa platform to see if we can pick out some gems for the spring season.

Where spring is concerned we’re usually after bright colours and layers. The bright colours are to signify happiness and youthfulness. The layers are to add complexity to the outfit and well as practicality for the deceptively cold weather.

One of the first items that caught our eye is the Hanifa Pink Miya Knit Cardigan dress. The reason is that it is fairly straightforward. The bright pink colour stands out in a youthful way for spring whilst combining a thick fabric to keep you warm. The v-neck cut leaves just enough to the imagination to edge you ever farther from a boring vibe.

Secondly, we have our eyes on the Jax Knit Gown. We love this because it looks like the perfect day-to-night outfit. The mesh material looks see-through from afar and the blended navy, lemon and beige tones and a level of sexy maturity to the day.

Where the day job is concerned, there are certain rules when it comes to fashion. Some companies adopt a dress for your day policy whilst others prefer smart business. The Zoe Boot adds just enough fashion appeal to let your colleagues know that whilst you mean business, you also mean fashion. These shoes are not your typical high street shoe which adds to the appeal even more.

Which items are currently on your wishlist? Let us know.

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