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Sex & The City SS22 Styling | Fashion School

Sex & The City SS22 Styling | Fashion School

As a result of the new re-boot of Sex and the City, we can’t help but think about the original series. The outfits in Sex and the City vary from stylishly sophisticated to fearlessly fashionable. These style icons, especially considering the resurgence of ‘90s fashion, are just as important in 2022 as they were when the show aired. Therefore, whether you are a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha, here are some tips to achieve their summer style formula.

Some of the most swoon-worthy outfits in the series were from the girls’
summer wardrobes. As we move into spring-summer 2022, what better time
to consider these looks?

Midi Dress Fever

Recalling Carrie’s spring and summer looks, I couldn’t help but draw
connections between her fashion and some of the girls I see on Pinterest.
Carrie was the embodiment of the classic late ‘90s to early 2000s trendsetter.
One of the most iconic sections of her summer style is her midi dress
collection. From slinky slip dresses to crazy patterns, her love for midi dresses
is obvious.

You can never go wrong with a midi dress. They are perfect for every occasion.
If you add the right accessories (your favourite jewellery and strappy heeled
sandals), you can easily metamorphose your daytime look into the most
stylish outfit for an evening event.

Stylishly Strapless

One of the staples of the girls’ style is the strapless silhouette. All four of the
women, despite their varying fashion senses, are seen rocking strapless looks.
Carrie, in tune with 2000s trends, commonly opts for a tube top. On the other
hand, Charlotte prefers to style a classic strapless summer dress. However, no
matter which of the women you wish to base your summer wardrobe on,
strapless is a safe bet. Also, remember how great a strapless look is for
avoiding tan lines!

Sandal Weather

Summer is the perfect time to whip out your favourite heeled sandals. Just like
Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and especially Samantha, you can strut your way
through the day with some gorgeous sandals. Perfect to dress up or down, you
can get any colour and style that you could possibly wish for. We all know how
much Carrie obsesses over her shoes, and, with the right pair, all of us can
understand why. No matter the height of the heels, the Sex and the City girls
are consistently spotted wearing amazing strappy sandals.

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Little Black Dress Heaven

The perfect little black dress – every woman’s dream. Miranda is the queen of
the little black dress. I think every Sex and the City fan has, at some point,
pondered over the stylist’s infinite supply of black dresses in absolute envy.
There is no comparison when it comes to which of the characters has mastered
the power of the little black dress. Therefore, in order to channel your inner
Miranda, grab yourself a black dress for any evening summer event. You will be
sure to be the most classic and sophisticated woman there.

Sex and the City, and the fashion which it featured was an extremely influential
series. The style impacted an entire generation. No matter which of the
characters you personally resonate with the most, there is a consensus that
fashion is a love shared by them all. Through its presentation of four women
with very different fashion senses, the series showcased a myriad of trends.
When it comes to your Spring / Summer wardrobe, there is nothing better to
inspire you than your favourite series. When you begin shopping for new
pieces this year, my advice to you would be; to let yourself get Carried away.

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