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Is Suki a better Daisy Jones than Karen Sirko?

Is Suki a better Daisy Jones than Karen Sirko?

This is an image of actress Suki Waterhouse who plays Karen Sirko in the Amazon Prime film Daisy Jones & The Six.

Suki Waterhouse portrays the more understated Karen Sirko in Amazon Prime’s Daisy Jones & The Six. The show is an adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel of the same name. However, Suki is a self-proclaimed Daisy. When asked at the premiere which character she felt most similar to, Suki proudly shared that she was a Daisy. Indeed, her outfits during this press tour prove just that. 

Suki’s Emerald Green Gown

Beginning with Suki’s emerald green gown that she wore to the show’s premiere, this look screamed Daisy Jones. The sheer gown by Stephane Rolland was exactly the attention-grabbing dress we could imagine Daisy opting for. It was delicate and feminine yet effortless, fun and risky. The plunging neckline, sheer material, and sparkling jewels completed the look.

The outfit perfected Daisy’s constant juxtaposition between 70s glamour and a carefree effortlessness. The bold gold hoops, loose curls, rings and bangles all highlighted the retro influences on this look and perfectly channelled Daisy Jones.

Suki on the Empire State Building

However, the premiere was not the only occasion we have seen Suki sporting a 1970s-inspired outfit. In fact, she has been doing this throughout the press tour, and fans (including myself) have been loving it.

The cast visited the Empire State Building during their promotional tour. There, Suki was wearing yet another phenomenal outfit that Daisy Jones would be proud of. The actress paired a tiny pair of denim shorts and tights with a silk blouse. She kept the blouse unbuttoned to reveal a crystal bralette. A look that sounds dramatic, right? But it did not stop there. She accessorised with fashion’s hottest accessory, a red neck corsage that matched the singer’s red lipstick. The look was taken up a notch.

What a perfect completed outfit, I hear you say, wrong! There was one crucial element to this look that we are yet to mention. Stylist Rob Zangardi took the look one step further by adding a substantial white fur jacket. The styling decision took this outfit from great to iconic.

But the star of the show was probably an accidental run-down of Waterhouse’s tights. The juxtaposition that this brought to the highly glamorous look played into the messy rockstar character, taking away some of the perfection. If it was intentional, then it was genius. However, I like it even more if it was accidental.

Zangardi Loves Styling Suki

Zangardi has loved styling Suki in these maximalist looks throughout the press tour. He knows the correct number of layers, accessories, and details to formulate the perfect looks. Of course, fur coats have played a massive part in this.

Fur coats were hugely popular in the 1970s. This decade set the backdrop for a massive portion of Daisy Jones & The Six. So, these pieces have been influential in integrating retro influences into Suki’s looks. However, they also feed into the rocker-chic glamour of the Daisy Jones aesthetic that Suki has been playing with. Suki shared one Balmain look on her Instagram. It comprised a classic brown fur coat and knee-high brown-croc boots. All paired with a vibrant yellow and purple mini dress.

Another look paired with white knee-high boots, a pink silk embroidered mini-dress, and a more yellow-toned fur coat. The Gucci look was topped off with giant square sunglasses, and it honestly couldn’t get any better.

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