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Top Inventing Anna Fashion Moments

Top Inventing Anna Fashion Moments

Inventing Anna is a new Netflix hit that tells an almost too far-fetched to be a true story about a Russian-German con artist. In case you haven’t watched it yet, Anna Sorokin pretended to be a wealthy heiress under the surname Delvey and managed to fool many rich and influential people. 

And she certainly knew how to look the part. In fact, one of the characters from the show described her as having an amazing fashion sense, which is arguably what made her act so believable. Anna knew how to manipulate other people’s perceptions of her with a flawless and impactful wardrobe, and this is what today’s post is about. 

Have a look at my favourite Inventing Anna’s fashion moments:

60s-inspired red dress

Red is a colour that symbolises courage and passion, which is why it fits the scene perfectly. I mean, it definitely takes a lot of self-confidence to crash your friend’s holiday and make a good impression on their wealthy friends in the process. Anna’s off-shoulders dress is paired with a headscarf and sunglasses that make her seem more likely to be a Hollywood star than a grifter. It’s a simple but stylish look that emphasises Anna’s bold and youthful side. 

Silky dress

In the fashion show scene, Anna looks like she truly fits in. Even though the silky dress is fairly simple, that simplicity draws attention to the luxurious earrings she’s wearing and allows the shade to complement her skin tone. This outfit is a definition of elegance and great stylist skills.  

Black court dress

The black dress from the last episodes is perhaps the most iconic look of all. While it might appear plain to most viewers, those who were already familiar with Anna’s story before the show aired know how impactful this outfit was. On one hand, to a laic’s eyes, it’s a baby doll type of dress that makes her look boring and in the best-case scenario, innocent. On the other hand, it turned out that the outfit was designed by a high-end designer Alaïa. So don’t let the first impression fool you, Anna made sure that she looked rich even from behind the bars. I like the simplicity of it, especially when combined with a choker. 

Checked Valentino cape

As the story moves forward and Anna broadens her social network, she reveals her ambition to build a successful business, which is probably why her style becomes more conservative over time. Anna is aware that she has to compete with men who are in established professions and don’t speak with a foreign accent, and given she’s only in her twenties, she has to adjust her style to appear more mature, like a businesswoman she hopes to be. While the cape she’s wearing still retains the hint of youthfulness from her previous outfits, the colours are more toned down and the long leather gloves give her a classy look. 

Sparkly dress

Julia Garner who plays Anna had a chance to meet the inspiration behind the show and describes her as incredibly friendly and likeable. Indeed, from what we’ve seen on Netflix, Anna knew how to have fun and the sparkly dress reflects that part of her personality. It draws just enough attention but stays sophisticated at the same time. I don’t know about you but I’d love to get my hand on it and steal the spotlight at my next party. 

Puff-sleeves dress

My personal favourite, the 80s-inspired puff-sleeves dress is just the right amount of bold. You just gotta love the colourful sleeve pattern that gives this outfit a fresh and glamorous look. While some might say it’s a bit much for a shopping trip, it shows how much Anna cared about her image. She didn’t just make sure she played her role well, she became what she aspired to be; an inspiring fashionista and a socialite in one. 

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