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HA HA HA – Who Is Laughing Now, Harry?

HA HA HA – Who Is Laughing Now, Harry?

an image of harry styles, the singer, who stars in the Gucci campaign.

Harry Styles has had a mutually beneficial partnership with Gucci for many years. Widely considered a fashion icon, the singer-actor has become synonymous with the design house. Styles has taken this association further by designing his collaboration with the Italian fashion house. Playful and maximalist, the ‘HA HA HA’ campaign perfectly blends both Gucci and Styles’ brands in the aptly named collection.

The name reflects the jovial nature of the collaboration while accentuating the bond between Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele. Harry provides the ‘H’ and Alessandro with the ‘A’. The pieces encapsulate both Gucci’s extravagance and Styles’ playful spirit. Ultimately, this collection feels natural and organic. The cohesive and thorough collection flawlessly captures the relationship between designers and their muse, demonstrating what can be born from a carefully crafted partnership nourished for years.

The Launch of the ‘HA HA HA’ Campaign

Gucci announced the ‘HA HA HA’ collaboration back in June 2022, and After months of waiting, the official campaign video and photographs dropped on November 3rd, 2022. The campaign video is as light-hearted as the collection itself. We see Styles modelling various looks whilst dancing, strutting, and posing with the commanding stage presence only attainable for a star of his calibre.

The outfits have a perfect mix of cohesive sets and carefully styled looks, combined with the maximalist layering and unpredictable styling decisions that have become a Gucci trademark. The campaign video is another delicately crafted layer to this perfectly thought-out collaboration.

A ‘HA HA HA’ History

While the campaign may have officially released just a few weeks ago, this is not the first time we have seen the pieces themselves. The collection debuted at Milan Men’s Fashion Week on June 20th, 2022. Styles has also been wearing items from the selection for some time. Most notably during his infamous time at the Venice Film Festival this past September.

You could spot the star from the second he touched down in Venice. Harry was sporting the collection’s Square G vest under the fine twill wool jacket, paired with the cherry denim pant. He expertly completed the look with not one but three leopard print bags from the collection. Additionally, he added a pair of 1970s-inspired square sunglasses, an accessory that Styles utilised throughout the trip.

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Styles later stepped off a speedboat in star-studded fashion, yet again dressed in the ‘HA HA HA’ collection to arrive at the Film Festival. This time the Don’t Worry Darling actor was wearing its pinstripe wool jacket with a blue silk necktie and the collection’s drill flared pants. A look that perfectly encapsulated Italian glamour whilst staying true to Styles’ 1970s style inspiration.

Reviewing the Collection

Overall, I am a massive fan of this collection. As a lover of 1970s fashion and a more maximalist approach to menswear, this collection is a perfect collaboration between two friends at the forefront of the industry. ‘HA HA HA’ feels fun and light-hearted, and you can tell that feel-good-fashion is at its heart. The collection expertly marries elaborate tailoring with more laid-back options such as t-shirts and hoodies, proving it caters to anyone.

A few standout pieces for me lie in the accessories. The standouts were the Jackie 1961 bag, the Geometric-frame sunglasses, and the brown loafers with interlocking G. I also adore the gingham wool suit set, all flared trousers, the herringbone pant and the maxi check coat. However, my favourite item in the collection may be the HA HA HA pyjama set. It is a green-checked set covered in the grumpy teddy bear motif that has almost become the collection’s mascot. This image, many fans believe, depicts Styles himself.

Harry Styles poses in a green set from the 'HA HA HA' campaign with Gucci.
Harry in the green checked set

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