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Becoming “That Girl”; Routine & Mindset

Becoming “That Girl”; Routine & Mindset

In our time of social media, we are constantly presented with other people’s
lives. Through having access to all of these different (and seemingly perfect) lifestyles on Instagram and TikTok, it is no wonder that we draw comparisons. As human beings, it is simply in our nature to juxtapose our lives with those who we envy, especially influencers. However, how do we protect our mental health when seeing these superficially ‘flawless’ lives? Further considering this we must ask; how can we possibly embody the concept of “That Girl” when, on social media at least, she seems to be everywhere.


The initial step to becoming “That Girl”, is your mindset. Every single person
has the ability to alter their lifestyle to be more like those who you admire. The
most important thing that you can do is believe (and that is truly to believe), that
you control your own life. If you want to change your habits, you need to make
a conscious decision in order to do so. Becoming “That Girl” involves you
taking charge of your life and forcing yourself to do exactly what it is that you
want to. As soon as you alter your mindset, the rest will automatically follow.

Getting Started

Perhaps one of the best ways to begin is to start with small changes. One
example of this is to create – and stick to – a daily routine. Starting the day off
in the way in which you wish to continue may help you to continue your day in
this positive way. You can create for yourself a morning routine that you look
forward to. This will also have positive effects on your mental health, giving
you an allotted time in the morning to allow yourself to fully wake up. On top
of this, a morning routine that you look forward to will encourage you to
stop lying in and get your day in order before you even begin.

Reality Check on ‘That Girl’

Although you may find it motivating to see these women on social media who
seem to live the life that you want, being constantly presented with them can be detrimental. It is extremely important to force yourself to do a reality check
once in a while. Social Media, despite all of the positive things which it
provides, is, in truth, not always real. We all know that people tend to show
more of the positive elements of their lives than the negative. It is therefore
fundamental for us to keep this in mind when on Social Media. Taking some
time away from it can be one of the most productive things that you do for
your mental health.

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If you are struggling to spend less time on Social Media, another option is to do
some research and clear out your feed. Unfollowing some accounts to
declutter your feed can be helpful. On top of this, there are many accounts
that can create communities of people who, just like you, are all trying to
improve their lives. Becoming part of these communities and following similar
accounts can help push you onto achieving your goals. However, it is crucial
that you not become too reliant on Social Media as the changes that you make
always begin with you.

Overall, becoming “That Girl” is all about mindset. Simply believing that you
are, or are becoming the person that you want to be will propel you to do so. It
is key that you focus on your mental health which is just as important as your
physical health. Ensure that you keep in mind that you have the power to do
exactly what you want to do and, if you fully commit to it, you can and will
achieve it.

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