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The Startling Effects & Hidden Truth Of Fashion On Mental Wellbeing

The Startling Effects & Hidden Truth Of Fashion On Mental Wellbeing

Dear Diary, today I’ve decided to be more candid with you. I want to explore mental health and how the fashion industry affects it.

In recent years, mental health has become a prominent topic in various fields. Most of us have had or are experiencing mental health concerns that we were previously unaware of. The fashion industry, on the other hand, has historically avoided discussing mental health. Consumers, the media, and behind-the-scenes personnel are all under pressure to deliver high-quality results in a short amount of time. This might put people’s health at risk.

My Experience with My Mental Health

I, too, struggled with mental health concerns during my undergraduate years, which I’m sure most people can relate to. Attending fashion school was a fantastic and gratifying experience for me. But, I was young when I realised this longtime ambition. However, there is always a drawback to the good since keeping up with the fast-paced fashion world may be tiring.

Working as a machine to meet deadlines and plough through excessive workloads resulted in sleep deprivation and improper nutrition. This became a never-ending cycle, and I acquired anxiety due to my inability to rest properly. This was only a glimpse into what the future holds for an aspiring fashion student. It definitely showed that this path was not for the faint-hearted. 

The Impact of Working for a Fashion House on My Mental Health

When I started my internship, I expected the pressure to be higher because I was working for someone else. Instead, the focus was on work. Working for a fashion house was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I couldn’t help but notice the people I worked with. Our stress levels were high as we prepared for fashion week and scrambled to accomplish everything in time. Many failures would occur, adding to the pressure and pushing us to work overtime, often on weekends.

Juggling multiple tasks at once and carrying the company’s entire weight on your shoulders is difficult. In addition, the public’s and your audience’s pressure to develop a high-quality collection can negatively impact your mind.

What Is the Real Impact of the Fashion Industry

Following my own mental health struggles, I’ve started to question the fashion industry’s impact on people’s mental health, whether they’re workers or just fans. Social media continuously bombard us with unattainable beauty standards and unrelatable advertising. So, it’s ten times more difficult to be content with oneself.

How the fashion industry portrays women on catwalks and magazine covers and how this has contributed to people having mental health problems while they try to be what fashion deems flawless generate a constant debate. However, with the inclusion of people of various sizes, colours, disabilities, and gender fluidity, these issues are steadily changing.

Slowing the rate of consumerism is something I’d want to see as a shift. Fashion delights many people’s lives and serves as a creative outlet. Social media’s overexposure accelerated the life cycle of fashion and trends. Companies have needed help to keep up with the rapid changes, resulting in tighter deadlines and increasing stress for everyone involved. However, when faced with such circumstances, it is possible that the people behind it may feel depressed.

Final Thoughts

Finally, remember that you are not alone if you are experiencing mental health issues. Taking breaks has always helped me deal with mental health issues. Allow yourself time to recover and regenerate by pulling back and retreating. Make the most of this time by engaging in some form of self-care. Skincare and taking care of myself on the inside and out have become a hobby of mine.

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Reading books or chatting with someone can relieve your stress. You may be depressed now, but remember why you picked this career and enjoy it. This is enough motivation to keep going after a well-deserved break. Please seek out someone if your mental health is in jeopardy. Don’t suffer in silence.

Lastly, I want to tell myself not to be so hard on myself since I’m doing my best.

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