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The Rise of Emotionally Available Young Adults

The Rise of Emotionally Available Young Adults

Being emotionally available to me means that you are open to communicating with anyone that crosses your path. You have the ability to voice your concerns in a compassionate manner with the aim of de-escalating any hardship. It’s important that we all have an awareness of what this means because I believe it is infiltrating our society. And it’s a positive thing.

Young adults seldom speak about their feelings. Women are taught that speaking about their feelings means nagging and that’s a sure way to repel men. Men are taught that speaking about their feelings means that they aren’t “manly” (whatever that means) and that’s a sure way to fend off women. But I don’t think that’s true.

Mental Health

In today’s climate, we have a deep mental health crisis running rampant amongst young people. The sad part is that so many young adults suffer from mental health, it has become the new norm. If adverse mental health is seen as the new normal then is it really a crisis? Yes, it is. It interrupts the way we process information, our relationships and daily routines. We’re not able to function in the same way our parents were and we face harshes economic conditions.

Therapy appears to be the step in the right direction for many. It’s not necessarily therapy in a traditional sense, although I believe it helps, but therapy as in actively taking control over your life. Removing tasks and people from life that are threats to mental wellbeing are crucial to success. The active monitoring of what makes individuals tick is increasing as well as the after-care for burnouts.

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Many of us are beginning to release that we face trauma but opening up about said trauma can lead to more trauma. And although social media is often anti-social, having a little corner of the Earth to express your discontent is freeing.

Here are a few tips I have learnt from social media and life experiences on ways to take care of yourself and others.

  1. Speaking to someone is better than speaking to no-one.
  2. Taking annual leave is a requirement and not a luxury.
  3. Start off by letting the person know how their action made you feel from the first person perspective.
  4. Do not work for longer than 2 hours straight in front of an artificial screen.
  5. Sending quick texts to let people know you are thinking of them is key.

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