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Gigi Hadid Launches Fashion Line ‘Guest In Residence’ 

Gigi Hadid Launches Fashion Line ‘Guest In Residence’ 

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has permanently solidified her position as a fashion icon, finally taking the final leap in releasing her fashion line. Hadid launched the brand on September 7th, 2022, and Guest In Residence is already receiving high praise. The brand specialises in 100% cashmere and focuses on the longevity of pieces rather than keeping up with micro-trends.

What sets Gigi’s Fashion Line Apart?

Focusing on sustainability and durability is a refreshing change from many celebrity fashion lines. Typically, celebrity lines come in the form of fast fashion collaborations, with minimal care for the ethics or environmental impacts behind these modes of fashion production.


Guest In Residence

Launching almost simultaneously alongside Guest In Residence was Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s collaboration with Boohoo. The role saw Kourtney assume the role of ‘sustainability ambassador’. This collection, launched on September 13th, has already received heavy backlash and accusations of greenwashing. Boohoo is known for under-prioritising the environment or ethics. Launching just days after Guest In Residence, comparisons of the two celebrity lines’ stance on sustainability were inevitable.

Hadid’s focus on high-quality, made-to-last products is a breath of fresh air in a disheartening world of celebrity fashion lines prioritising profits over our planet. Her focus on durability is even felt within the campaign, titled “Yearbook”. From children to the elderly, diverse faces sported the cashmere products, styled in various ways that genuinely make the products feel suitable for all.

This diversity accentuated the feeling of “heirloom” products. Many of the images on their website and Instagram elicit timelessness and inclusivity.

Guest In Residence Campaign

We designed Guest In Residence with time in mind. While our own time may be finite, we set out to create future heirlooms, constructing pieces with integrity and intention. We hope our pieces represent well-lived lives for generations.

Guest In Residence

Overall, the campaign is reminiscent of that one piece of Grandma’s jewellery you always admired, the dress at the back of Mum’s wardrobe that you can’t wait to borrow eventually, and the feeling of generational sharing. Sustainability and durability take centre stage. It encompasses emotion and the realism that will hopefully influence celebrity attitudes towards fashion collaborations.

Finally, here are some of my top picks from the fashion line:

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Top Picks (£225-£245)

Layer Up! Vest

This piece is a fantastic wardrobe staple. Sweater vests are a consistent piece that never goes out of style, suitable for streetwear and office wear. In addition, it comes in two wearable colours: grey and black.

Shrunken Crew

The Shrunken Crew in Cherry may be my favourite piece in the entire collection. The vibrant colour and classic fit make this item the perfect winter jumper and an effortless transitional piece. I can picture wearing this with jeans, boots and many layers on a cold winter’s day. However, it is also perfect for throwing over a white t-shirt and denim shorts on a summer evening.

Stealth Cardigan

The Stealth Cardigan exists in the perfect balance between timeless and trendy. The cardigan features a deep v-neck silhouette, but the singular clasp fastening provides more versatility for styling. For example, the piece could be worn open as a layering piece or as a top fastened by this clasp. 

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