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This Is Dior’s Most Exciting Comeback Year

This Is Dior’s Most Exciting Comeback Year

Christian Dior never piqued my interest post-John Galliano, as those were the peak days of high fashion designs and models. Post-2010, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace were the ‘it’ shows of the season. The rise of House Dior in 2016, with the re-imagination of the saddlebag, recently caught my eye. It was all because of Maria Chiuri, who joined Dior in 2016. Her fresh perspective and outspoken activism saved the brand from its sunken place. This is my breakdown of the Dior Fall Winter 2020 collection.

The quantity of looks in the show indicates that she is more than capable of keeping up with the range of our fast-paced society’s demands. The attention to detail on her dresses, jackets, and bags also indicates that she perfectly balances quality and quantity. She doesn’t sacrifice her talent because she wants to put a lot of material into her show.

Before the first model walked out, you could see a feminist’s dream fighting arena. Consent thrown in your face? Oh, my goodness. I love to see it. We love to see it. The Dior show had other messages draped from the ceiling, one of my favourites being “When women strike [sic] the world stops”.

This is an image of the first model in the Dior fall winter 2020 show. She walks, and above her, a sign says, "When women strike the world stops."

The first look was very business appropriate. Modern-day women will show you how to wear a pantsuit, sometimes better than men! Women are now becoming CEOs, members of important committees and world leaders. It was nice to see the subliminal feminist messages embedded in the show.

Dior Fall Winter 2020 Collection

This collection felt modern. Fashion is subjective and creative. The inclusion of feminism here feels inclusive and forward marching. It was progressive instead of regressive.

That means this season is all about allowing women to take charge. Modernism is all about technology and improving efficiency. At a fashion show, the goal of the creative director is to show us what is to come for the season. Miss Chiuri said, “I’m here to show you, girls, what you’ve been missing. I will let you know that I believe women rock simultaneously, and that is that on that. If you don’t like it, please see security to let you out”.

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The show didn’t include any big faces in fashion at the moment. You know what. Good Maria Chiuri. Let Maria’s raw talent shine through. It is paying off because Dior has made a comeback since she arrived at the fashion house. Dior is making noise on a streetwear level, and that is an indicator of success to me. If your designs can travel past Hollywood and other fishbowl-style industries, you’ve created something of purpose.

I am very proud of her and everything she has achieved in fashion so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

The Dior collection was a gorgeous show with a lovely embedded message. It shows how much of an unapologetic supporter of women she is. Lastly, it was a well-put-together collection that forced the viewer to focus on her creation of the moment.

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