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Makeup Routines for Manic Mornings

Makeup Routines for Manic Mornings

We are almost at the end of the winter season, but we’re still not clear of earlier sunsets. Soon we’ll be able to say hello once again to the longer days. However, just because the weather is cold and the sun decides to turn in early, that doesn’t mean that our to-do lists get any shorter. In fact, with Christmas just having past, they usually do exactly the opposite. Those light hours become even more precious and to help you get the most out of them there are a few tips and tricks which can help you cut down your makeup routine.

We all face those manic mornings of waking up to immediately feel that extreme cold outside your duvet, practically forcing you to stay wrapped up for a few more minutes. Although we all appreciate the prolonged warmth and comfort of our beds, this decision squanders a good chunk of our morning routines. Making up those minutes is crucial to get your day back on track and reduce the stress of running late. 

Begin with Brows

These infamous sisters are not twins. When rushed eyebrows (and to all of our extreme frustration) look more like cousins. As a result of this, time is wasted on first, second and third attempts at drawing on the same brow. There are many tips and tricks that you can apply to your makeup routine to shave off a few minutes while also avoiding this ever-present fear of uneven brows.

Eyebrow gel is the quickest and simplest method of getting the perfect no-makeup makeup look with your brows. Just use the wand to brush the hairs upwards in order to lift your face, making you look more awake even if you don’t feel it. Opting for a clear gel is a great choice for darker hair, and if you are looking for a little bit more coverage and shape, a tinted gel will work wonders.

Enhancing the Eyes…

Having improved the brows, we turn our attention to the eyes. Known as the windows to the soul, the eyes are the pinnacle of every makeup look. Mascara, perhaps the most fundamental step in any makeup routine, highlights your eyes. Simple yet effective, mascara takes little to no time to apply and has one of the most amazing impacts on any makeup look.

This product is a must-have for a quick morning routine, whether you decide to go for black, or a more natural brown or clear, no makeup routine should ever go without it.

Bronzed Goddess…

There are many multifunctional aspects of bronzer. Perfect for warming up your face in the colder months through strategic application. Placing some around your forehead, under your cheekbones, and even shaping your nose and jawline will give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow. A slightly more unusual utilisation of either your favourite bronzer or contour products, is to use them for eyeshadow.

Simply popping a small bit in your crease using a fluffy brush and blending it out will give you a put-together look which almost eliminates the long and tedious process of choosing and applying eyeshadow. The co-ordination of colour between your contour and eyeshadow ensures that your makeup looks flawless, while also working to achieve a faster makeup routine.           

These easy modifications, which only alter small things while ensuring that you make the most out of your time, can have a huge impact on reducing your morning makeup routine. Through implementing these tips, you will be able to free up time for productive use, or simply make those manic mornings more relaxed, helping you to start your day off on a good tone.

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