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Gucci Is Different. But Is Different Better?

Gucci Is Different. But Is Different Better?

When I last sat through an entire Gucci collection, Frida Giannini was Gucci’s creative director. When Frida was director, she had many celebrities in her dresses. Today, no one is having social interactions about Gucci shows. I’ve noticed rarely any discussions about the Gucci fall-winter 2020 collection. I wonder why Gucci lost its’ edge, but it did.

The Gucci monogram is most known for its designs in streetwear. It is a regular piece in most celebrities’ and fashion influencers’ closets. They may not wear the official RTW line, but they will wear a monogrammed bag.

This is an image of the Gucci fall winter 2020 runway show. The Gucci monogram can be seen on their new shoulder strap bag that is brown.

Gucci appears to have since gone into a Bjork, John Lennon direction. I see a separation in Gucci supporters, with die-hard Gucci fans continuing to wear the monogram garments and brand enthusiasts choosing to wear RTW lines.

A traditional runway show was not on this year’s mood board. The show had a light backing track. Giving an honest review once the show ends is impossible because there are too many designs. Instead of applauding designers for discovering new avenues in fashion, we applaud them for being creative directors.

The difference lies in his creativity used to inspire a Gucci collection and his perspective on what a fashion show should look and feel like as a body of work.

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Inclusivity was front and centre, which was great to see. I also enjoyed how cross-century the collection felt. All models appeared as though they could be from different eras. Some of the tartan pieces made me feel very preppy, some looks gave me a boho-chic 70s vibe, and others felt like they could’ve existed in the Edwardian era. 

Final thoughts on the Gucci Fall-Winer 2020 collection

As a complete body of work, what went well for me was the inclusivity of models, the passion and dedication to global brand standards, and the design of the Gucci fall-winter 2020 show. The show felt brand new, likely to set trends and inspire a new generation of fashion lovers to think about quality over quantity.

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