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A.Potts Fall Winter 2022 Collection

A.Potts Fall Winter 2022 Collection

A.Potts is a brand that is very new to me. In other words, New York Fashion Week 2022 is the first time the brand has come across my radar. What I particularly love about the A.Potts brand is how positive they reinforce the black image within the fashion community. For example, their spring 2020 campaign and their spring 2021 lookbook.

When I speak about fashion, I am used to the westernised notion of clothing and marketing imagery. This year has been a real eye-opener for me that has seeped its way into fashion week. There are a plethora of brands that I am grateful to now know and will forever be grateful for knowing.

I expected a fashion show this year. I expected a fashion show because of how forceful society has become with moving on with life during the pandemic. We all, most certainly the government, expected the pandemic to be over in a year. But that didn’t happen. When it didn’t happen and it was affecting economies abilities to protect themselves, we were really forced at that point to succumb to the wills of capitalism.

The fashion industry is a big part of capitalism and escapism. People like to buy into a fantasy. I on the other hand like to understand how a valuation was determined for a particular good or service. It wasn’t possible to do this for A.Potts though because the only thing I could fixate on was the creativity behind the designs. A.Potts doesn’t have a long catalogue like the Versace’s of the world to lean on which is good for reviewing. Many known fashion houses often receive a huge amount of praise and it cannot be justified.


Something that can be justified and understood is Aaron Potts’ designs. A.POTTS is a unisex collection of clean, modern, trans-seasonal clothes. I totally get this vibe when looking at the current and past collections or lookbooks.


These two looks, in particular, have to be two of my favourites from the collections. I think it’s because of how wearable these sites are. They genuinely look like items you would wear ‘just because’. And that is usually what we wear as humans. No matter how many events we get invited to, we tend to recycle the same items in our wardrobes.


Not to mention how annoying that trend is, but this is a clear solution to the relevant and current problems.

These two looks are what I would imagine an eclectic fashionable couple wearing. I want everything but I wouldn’t necessarily style them together. And that is the beauty of fashion. Let the designer inspire us, and then we tweak it to our preferences.

Black Gloves

I saw the black gloves all throughout fashion week this week. Definitely a trend alert.

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A look from A.Potts Fall-Winter 2022 collection.

Another one of my favourite looks from the fall-winter 2022 collection is this black leather-look right here. It gives me bin bag vibes but in a good way. I remember in the past when girls would snap back at fashion disrespect saying ‘I could wear a bin bag and look better than you’. This is it! But personified. If I ever had to recycle a bin bag for fashion this would be it! But even then, it has a high-fashion luxury vibe about it. I want to touch it. What is it made out of? If it’s 100% leather or had any leather in it, I’d be interested. I would never wear this during spring or summer because of the colour.

This look isn’t quite the trans-seasonal good that I would look for, but it would definitely be an event purchase for me. It’s too cute to wear to work or a weekend function. This needs to come out for a reason. Networking or celebrating an occasion, I don’t mind. The braids are an excellent touch as well. So chic!


There are at least another 30 looks in the collection but I won’t include them here. I’ll include my favourites on the sseditorial official Pinterest page.

Overall I liked the collection and can’t wait to see more from Aaron.




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